Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Psychic Learning Curve

I signed up for two classes this term: ‘Remote Viewing’ and ‘Opening Your Channel.’ Both new territory for me. I had forgotten what it's like to be a beginner. The Remote Viewing exercises are unlike anything I have tried before. This week I struggled to get it. I think its because I want the reading to unfold in a particular way and it doesn't. I was also stressed that day and my mood wasn't helping much either. Grrr. 

So what did we do in Remote Viewing this week? We were supposed to draw a squiggle, spontaneously, to match the object that we were remote viewing. People draw different things. I tried to clairvoyantly see the image and draw it, when we were supposed to just squiggle without thinking. I squiggled. Didn't match =/

The next exercise was better. The teacher had us tune into the inside of an envelope. We started by mapping our psychic coordinates (where we were, and what data point we were asking about: the envelope) before answering a series of questions. For example:

  • Is it solid?
  • Is there liquid?
  • Is it alive? 

I saw a stone, like a dry pumice rock. So I answered Yes, No, No. We then went on to ask the following: 

  • What color is it?
  • Is there a scent?
  • What do you hear?

I saw Red and Blue colors. Then I smelled sea water and salty air. I also heard waves crashing, an ocean. Hmmm. When we compared notes, the guy next to me also got the sea and waves crashing. I thought maybe a rock or a stone at the beach? 

Not quite! The teacher opened the envelop and pulled out a postcard. The image was of a protest rally in Central London. I couldn't be further off, though it might have been my conclusion that was wrong. The colours in the image were grey, blue and red (so at least, I got colors right). I think the stone could have been the pavement. There wasn't any water in the picture though there was a pub in the background. I didn't pick up on the people in the picture. Some of the elements were accurate but overall, I had it wrong. 

I was confused because I was expecting a specific object, not a photograph of an actual scene. Someone in the class got the word travel and that related to the bus. Could there have been an ocean nearby? Who knows. It was our first attempt at Remote Viewing. Next time I hope I will do better. The teacher said we had to be less serious and more playful about it all. 

As with anything, there is a learning curve with psychic abilities. I just have to roll with it and see how it goes. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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  1. I'm an RVer and know the community well. There are many psychics who use the term who never use the tight protocols which are key to success. Remember the proper techniques have been in use by governments all over the world for decades with plenty of success. There never has been a "definitive" book written by the originators. One of the original students wrote the closest available manual. There is nothing missing from the protocols. Take a look at it here: Personally, it always took me one, to one and a half sessions to weed out the psi cobwebs and then hit the target very accurately. If you go in cold, this might be the reason you "missed." Also, there is a phenomenon of RV'ing the photo vs. RV'ing the time place and location of your target. Your instructor should qualify the picture postcard on the envelope. You might be picking up information outside of the photo area, so maybe your pub and protest were seaside and you picked up on those smells. So... 1) accurately described feedback is key to success. 2) figure out if you have "psi cobwebs" and how to get rid of them. 3) This protest was a very complicated target. As a beginner (rv toddler) you should be teaching your psi sense to recognize major gestalts like mountains, lakes, and buildings, not some hyper-complicated event. I realize there is more to pick up on, but your sense isn't used to this information overload. Your psi sense might even be choosing to chill out at the beach rather than deal with the chaotic postcard picture. You might be picking up on another "more interesting" or comforting target in your teachers stack of targets (I've done that.) One of the teachers from years ago said no RV work is ever wrong, it's just the degree. That is open for debate, but the core hypothesis is true. I hope this helps and best of luck. Most of all, relax and enjoy!! :-)

    1. Thanks for the tip! I had a look at the website you mentioned. Looks good. I think I will go through the protocols in more detail. Do you know of any RV teachers in the UK? =)

  2. There are highly qualified teachers (two from the original program and one who continually produces very impressive high quality work) who live in the US and travel to Europe. I'll let you know when they come to the UK.

    1. Thank You! I did a loooot better at this past week's lesson. Think I am finally starting to get the hang of it. Would still be really interesting to meet the teachers you mentioned though.

      Take care =)