Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sometimes the Earth Shakes

Yesterday I was sitting home alone, at my mom's house, watching The Dark Knight when the earth started shaking. Like really shaking. I had never been in Mexico City during an earth quake. It was really strong, especially now that my mom moved into a very tall apartment building. Yikes! As a kid in California we had lots of drills at school. Drop on your knees, cover your head and neck and crawl under the nearest desk. Well, my mom doesn't have any desks except for a glass writing table. 

It took me a couple seconds to realize that yes it was a quake, and I should probably get off the couch. The Jokers voice still playing in the background, I wracked my brain, thinking where to go. This isn't the house where I grew up and I still don't know where things are. All the while I was conscious that we are on the third floor of a twenty story building. With glass panes all around though thankfully none of them cracked. Though the building really creaked and shook.

So I stood under the nearest door frame and waited. Then I spotted a wooden table nearby and crawled under it. Are we still supposed to crawl under tables? I felt a little bit ridiculous but went ahead and did it. The phone started to ring furiously. My mom calling. So what is the protocol there? If the earth is still shaking do we go pick up the phone? It kept ringing and ringing and against my better judgement I crawled out from under the table to find a phone. It was my mom.

"Did you feel it?" She asked.

"It's still shaking!" 

It lasted for about a minute and stopped. Pheww. I grabbed the phone, put on my sneakers and went back to the television. Also checked Facebook and Twitter for updates lol, funny how we now go to our social media to find out what happened. It was quite the experience though thankfully nothing happened. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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