Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Angel Intuitive Practice Thread

It is time for something new! The past year or so I have been giving angel readings on Facebook. It has been great fun and the forum has helped me build my confidence when it comes to intuition. I think its time to let others practice as well, so I will soon be piloting an Angel Intuitive Practice Thread. 

The idea is for budding intuitives, mediums, and angel card readers (like myself!) to practice. When I first started giving readings online, I was not sure how accurate they would be. You would be surprised. 

Its easy to get in the zone, this works for me: 

Opening Up Meditation. Any information that comes through, arrives through our Chakras. Especially the Heart and Brow Chakra in my case. I start by sitting down with my eyes closed. I visualize a big tree at my back. Its roots go deep into the earth and they keep me rooted in my place. Still conscious of the tree's deep roots, I allow my mind's eye to trace it all the way up. Its beautiful green leaves are full of sunshine and I imagine the breeze around us. The tree acts like a messenger between myself and the realm where the angels exist. By listening to the three I can hear and pass on messages.

Choose the Readee.  At this point, I turn my attention back to the computer screen and my Facebook Page. I post an update inviting people to ask for readings and then I choose them from the list, one by one. Sometimes I just see where my eyes land first. Or I look at their comments and a word or phrase will catch my attention. When I have a person, I close my eyes and ask for an image. 

Ask for the Message. Often it comes as a word, a feeling, a lyric or even a movie scene. Then I start writing about it and see what happens. The thing about giving readings is that younjust go with it. Don't think too much and just see what comes out. Its easier for me ifI imagine the words flowing from my Heart Chakra, down my arms and out my hands. I try to keep clear of my logical mind,   which would probably muddle it up. The Heart Chakra is the seat of our intuition. The Throat helps us communicate, whether its writing or speaking. Or typing up a quick message on Facebook.  

Angel Cards and Runes. If I am stuck for an image or feeling unsure, I turn to my cards or runes for help.  I start by asking the Archangels to give me a relevant message, then I shuffle the cards and choose one. This makes it a lot easier, especially if the person I am reading is in another place. When I look at the card I watch for my first impression. What do I notice, how does it make me feel? What does it mean? Then I start writing. Runes are also really helpful, but I stick to cards because it was easier for me to learn the meanings and the messages flow quicker that way. 

A few suggestions on how to word your readings   =)

  • Keep it positive, helpful and specific. If I sense that someone is in a sad  place, I ask for a message that will help them. Often its a reassuring message. Sometimes it gives them a broader perspective or points out a blind spot in their thinking. 

  • Tell them what you saw and what it means. The person receiving the reading may respond to either element. If a particular song popped into my mind, that song will often relate to them on a personal level and it grounds the reading.  

So next Tuesday the 25th, I will post a thread on Facebook, inviting the community to give each other readings. This can be great fun and in the long run, its much better to develop your own intuition. Angel Cards are also very simple and easy to use. My personal favorites are Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot. I also love her Angel Therapy Cards, as well as the Sharman-Caselli Tarot Deck. Beautiful, simple cards. 

Let the games begin!  

Please Join Me Below  
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. So many people are in need of positive thoughts and messages. So nice that you give both the giver and receiver a venue to share.

  2. hi im not sure if im allowed practise readings on your thread or if youd mind me doing so, as ive recently gone back to reading tarot cards (after a long period of not being in the right place) i do believe the angels are helping and guiding me in this do you mind if i do?

    1. Hi! Please do! That is what they are there for =)

    2. thank you i feel better gtting the ok if that makes sense xx

  3. Hi, I've just seen your post on facebook. I'm wondering if someone would like to attempt a reading for me it would be greatly appreciated. I have read this page, and my message comes in the form of a lyric. R u mine?
    Thanks Caitlin