Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flowers, Fairies and Joy

At some point in the future, I am going to take a break from energy healing books to write something fun and light hearted. Loved writing my first book but admittedly, cancer was a difficult subject to begin with - especially when my inner hypochondriac turned up - so I asked my intuition for a lighter, brighter topic to explore next. 

Initially, I thought of writing a fiction book on humanity, seen through the angels' eyes. But it's taken a turn; I want to bring flowers and fairies into the mix. Writing about nature sounds fun! Last week I sat in the park and started jotting down ideas. What came to mind was a flower shop with a human fairy as the owner. 

The flower fairy sends her lovely flowers home with the townspeople, and she begins to realize that the flowers fade too quickly. They are missing something - and that elusive ingredient is joy. Without joy and happiness in their lives, the flowers die. So the fairy closes up her shop and goes in search of joy. My homework for the next few weeks is to find a path that leads to joy so that I can write about it in the tale.  

I thought the story could begin when she returned with a joy guide and the town blossomed again. It's fair to say to say that joyful people benefit from their happiness, the question is how do we find that joy in the first place? So I think I might follow her instead and hope that she finds joy in her journey. Otherwise, the tale might not have a happy ending! Some of the original fairy tales had dark twists, turns, and endings but I hope this one ends well. We'll see as it goes.

Over the next few months, I will write up some of my Flower Fairy character sketches, brainstorms, and scenery. I will also play around with tone of voice and other elements on my fiction blog, called  To Bake a Hummingbird (a tribute to one of my favorite books, and to the cutest cupcake shop in London!) Please click through if you'd like to watch the story unfold. Wish me luck and inspiration LOL =)

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