Friday, March 15, 2013

Are some people spiritually color blind?

I have come to the conclusion that some people are spiritually color blind. In healing sessions, some clients feel the energy and others don't. Some see energy, colors and flashes of light in their chakras. Others don't. Some people are naturally intuitive. Others seem to have upper chakras that are switched off.  

Seeing is believing.

I used to be a skeptic and it was only until a random set of coincidences pointed me towards an Angel book that I started to open up. Then came my 1st psychic development workshop. I didn't think I would get much as I had never tried it before. The teacher said to make it up if we couldn't see or feel anything. 

My 1st thought was - seriously?

She had us sit in pairs and guided us through a meditation where we imagined ourselves visiting our classmate's house. How big was the house? How many floors, how many bedrooms? What were the decorations like? Did they have pets, children, roommates? What was the view like? She narrated these questions and gave us some time to dream up the answers. It was a mind blowing exercise.

When I was visualising his kitchen I imagined myself looking out a window and saw my aunt's garden. A second later it disappeared and I saw a brick building. Then the garden was back. The counter top in the kitchen was the same granite I had at home. 

Images from my life came to mind whenever the teacher asked a question. When the meditation was over I started describing what I saw and was shocked to realise that I got it right! 
  • Three bedrooms, check!
  • Small dog, check!
  • Kitchen with view of garden and brick building, check!
  • Wooden floors and glass tables in the library, check!

Then my classmate went on to describe my flat. He mentioned a really long winding hallway - at the time I lived in a huge building and had to walk for 5 minutes to get from the elevator to my door. He correctly spotted the white theme with pink flowers. The fact that I did not have a dog (but wanted one, how odd was that?) and so many other things. I was even more shocked to hear his reading. 

This was a great way to get beginners started on the psychic reading trail. In readings you'll often get a sense of issues that might be a little too personal or painful and you wonder how to say it. No one is touchy or sensitive about the color of their carpets so it is a lot easier say whatever comes to mind. It is also a great way to get confirmation that what you are seeing and receiving is accurate. 

Whenever I run into a skeptic or disbeliever who is rudely dismissive of psychics I think back to this experience. I don't know why they don't see what I see, but I wouldn't let a colorblind person tell me I'm crazy for seeing a color differently than they do. This isn't any different. Rather than argue, I'd rather bring them to class and see what happens. 

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  1. I can so relate with this post!! I remember also being floored when my teacher told me "to just make something up" if nothing came to me! The accuracy and details are always so astonishing when validated! I love the color-blind comparison. I don't take it personally when someone can't "see" or "know" what I do... and you are totally right-- there is NO use arguing about it with them! It goes nowhere fast! :) Thanks so much for sharing your experience!! :)