Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Story of Bottled Water

Today I was walking through Hyde Park and I remarked on how beautiful nature looks when there is no litter. The first few minutes it was totally clear and then I started spotting empty crisp packs and water bottles on the floor. Such a shame when people litter though if you stop to think about where trash goes after its binned, we're just littering that we won't see. The thought of landfills full of old computers, plastic bottles and other trash isn't a pleasant one. 

It also dawned on me that I personally consume a huge amount of plastic bottles. When I'm out and about I'm quick to buy myself a bottle of Evian, Coke or Pepsi or fruit juices. Even though I try my best to stick that in a recycle bin it would be better if I didn't buy so many plastic bottles in the first place. As of today I have resolved not to buy a drinks that come in plastic bottles anymore. I will still have fizzy drinks at the cinema when they're out of the tap. And if I'm thirsty I'll refill my favorite Bobble Bottle. It's even worth investing in a small new Bobble that I won't mind toting around. 

This is me doing my bit with the environment!

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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  1. thanks for reminding me of this and thanks to the fairies ;)