Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running for Answers

The past couple of days I have been guided to take up running, but I was ignoring the clues. The idea first popped into my mind when I reluctantly decided to sign up for the gym again. I love spending time outdoors, usually walking, but going to the gym is better exercise and I miss it. I was pondering on this, when the thought "you could run" popped into my mind. Yeah right! These days I won't run unless a dog is chasing me. To think that I ran track in high school. Today I went for a power walk after work, and pushed myself to run for about 10-15 minutes. It was much cooler than I thought it would be, especially in the cold. Apparently, it can be freezing outside but when you run you don't feel it. 

It was a beautiful night for a jog. I can't tell if the moon is waxing or waning, but it shone very brightly over London. It's also just dawned on me that tomorrow is Halloween! The moon was framed by the spookiest grey clouds. Looked like something out of a Tim Burton movie, especially with all of London's old buildings. Sometimes I think I live in a cartoon town, it all looks so well put together. At one point I was running and all I could see was the sky and the moon. I think it also helps your mind disconnect from the day. Or maybe I'm so out of shape that my brain can't run and think at the same time. We'll see how I do tomorrow! I'm not going to push myself too much though. Just enough that I still enjoy it. 

When I was in one of my runs, I thought about a card that I keep pulling the past few weeks. It's the Justice card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot. In it we see an angel with a sword, between two large pillars. It looks like he's going to swoop in and chop someone's head off. I have no idea what it means for me, and I'd like to know. It might have something to do with my next steps. Twice this week I've had someone pull a card for me that said "Focus on Service, how you can help others." Maybe I'm supposed to serve in some way that is connected to justice or the legal system? Don't know what it means. 

Any thoughts? 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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