Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How far would you go to help a stranger?

This morning I almost missed the train to work. It would have been a bad day to turn up late. Half a dozen colleagues flew into town for a meeting that was due to start at 9 am sharp. I speed-dressed myself and ran out the door. When I got to the Underground, the train had just left and the platform was empty. The only other person was a young guy who walked in when I did. For some reason, his coat caught my attention. It was nothing out of the ordinary. A few minutes we were still waiting for the train, and the platform was really busy. Most of the commuters were standing or sitting near me, by the entrance. My eyes were drawn to the far end of the platform. The train was due to enter the station from a tunnel on that side. The guy in the black coat stood close to the ledge.  He kept leaning into the tunnel. 

The image freaked me out, and my 1st thought was Don't Do It! 

I read a fiction book where the main character falls under a train. What a shock to the system! I couldn't stomach the thought of that happening in real life. For a split second I wondered if it was a warning, or just my paranoia. If he'd been closer, I would have asked for the time and engaged him in small talk. What are you supposed to do in these situations? By then, the train was one minute away. So I could pray, or run down the platform in his direction. I went for the 1st option, visualising a pair of concrete boots anchoring him to the platform. He didn't jump. Phew! It did make me wonder, how far would I go to help a stranger? 

I was left feeling a bit ridiculous. I think I'm paranoid because of a previous experience that I still need to heal from. Once upon a time, I saw a man get hit by a car. It was 8 years ago. I was having lunch in a cute cafe in Washington DC. Our table faced the windows on the street. A pedestrian stepped onto the street in front of me. He was looking to his right, and a delivery van backed into him from the left. They didn't see each other. That was a horrible moment. I thought about the futility of trying to stop it. Then I got up, started pounding on the window, and screamed at him to look left. My friends thought I was crazy, until the car hit him and a commotion broke out in the street. Thankfully, the car was moving slowly and the man walked away from it a few minutes later (though it did knock him down). 

The anticipation nearly did me in. I hadn't thought about it until today, and I think this guy at the tube station pushed my buttons. He looked perfectly calm when he stepped onto the train. It was just my nerves that were rattled ...

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. What a wonderful powerful story! My intuition tells me that possibly you were right, you picked up on some vibe, your guides and possibly his chose you to be there! I don't believe in coincidences, this type of situations happen for a reason. One second late for a train can simply be so you there! That is way we need to be paying attention! Is part of our job of being here, of being aware of being at service. If it was true or you illusion does not matter. What matters is you did something! You tried. If he ends up doing it or not another day is not up to you, we not here to take responsibility for others but we here o share our love and help when is possible. So what a wonderful story! I too find myself at times picking up on some issue or someone in pain and I send them light and love. Sometimes I stay waiting until I see them better and then I walk away smiling. They don't need to know what just happen and I get to have a wonderful sense of peace and love inside me... There is nothing better then knowing we been at service :) xxx

    1. Hi Maria, Thanks for the comment

      Funny thing is, this week I've had lots of opportunities to show "random acts of kindness." This one did shake me, I think the impression may have been real and I was left wondering if I did enough. Sometimes we need to show compassion to people by talking to them, or smiling. He was too far from where I was sitting though, and realistically I couldn't fly other there to say hi LOL

      It is nice to help in any way we can =)