Saturday, June 16, 2012

When Science Meets Spirituality

I have been craving KFC all week and I keep telling myself not to get it. Today I started thinking that maybe I should just go for a bucket of crispy fried chicken, biscuits and mashed potatoes. What is driving this craving you might ask? I really think it's my inner child coming out to play. Last week we had a Soul Retrieval workshop at my healing school and I successfully re-integrated a piece of my 7 year old soul. When I was seven my favourite food in the world were the drumsticks at KFC.  I remember eating something like six pieces on one occasion. Colonel Sanders was one of my favourite people! Him and Ronald McDonalds were the coolest people on the planet. I did always wonder if Sanders had actually fought in a war or if all he did was sell chicken.  

So what is a Soul Retrieval and why did my a fragment of my soul break off? I'm not entirely sure what happened in my case, but I do have a very clear memory of me wanting to be a scientist when I was that age. I thought science, astronomy, the universe, rocks and even dirt were to interesting. Look at all of the plants that grow out of something so basic as dirt. What caused it? How did they survive? And how could we take some of those properties, put them in a beaker and make a cool potion? I don't think I'd heard of Einstein back then, but I was fascinated by cartoons of crazy scientists cooking up chemistry projects. I was also really good at science experiments and math, the nerdy straight A student that I always was. One day someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I replied enthusiastically that I wanted to be a scientist! How amazing was that? The response took me by surprise:

"Scientists don't make enough money," he replied. "You could be a brilliant scientist and barely make it month to month." 


Not the best answer to give a seven year old! I remember feeling shocked and crushed that my aspiration was not good enough. What kind of jobs would pay off and would I like them? It really sucked. I'm not sure if that was the moment when I lost a little bit of myself, but I think this pressure to do the "right" thing has been with me for a long time. And who is to say what the right thing is anyway. Looking back on it I can also tell you that he was wrong. Scientists can make a lot of money, especially if they also have a good business mind which I happen to have. More than being a scientist I like to understand how things work, and that is true for science but also for energy healing. 

The memory has popped up over and over again the past 20 odd years. It has only now dawned on me that the promise of a high salary doesn't have to be one of the defining factors in my life.  I do like living in nice neighbourhoods, nice house, nice things, etc. But the abundance of the universe can come to us in unexpected ways, and following my bliss from a work point of view is sure to pay off. I think this is particularly relevant for me now that I'm contemplating my next steps with energy healing and writing. Even when I was in grad school I never anticipated staying in the corporate world for more than 10-15 years tops. Eventually I want to start my own business and I am now starting to think that it will be a healing/reading/therapy business. The exact dynamics are not yet clear to me, but I'm headed in that direction. Do energy healers make a good living? They can do. I will find a way to make it work. 

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  1. I so know what you mean... I wanted to follow art... in fact I wanted to follow art so I could then go into fashion design :) but they never asked and my Uncle (father figure to me) said: Are you sure? You know you will have to be very, very good to make it. Or you will only be one more on the street selling things and hardly making it... They just heard 'art' and they never asked what in art... but still he didn't say 'no' because he was not that kind of man. But the 'boss' in house, my aunt simply said: No! I don't want you to go to that school when you can go to the the near one and do some business studies so one day you can have a decent job in a office or a bank... so I did... and years after left with A level that meant nothing... and then moved... Funny how this things can really affect us! xxx

    1. Hi Maria, They can but I guess our parents are only human so I wouldn't hold it against them. The important thing is to realise that we may have a false belief that is holding us back. Breaking it and moving on is what really matters =)