Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding Guidance in the Right Places

One of my guides was a psychologist in a past life. I only found out recently, when I was pondering my future and thinking it would be good to have someone to talk to about my life. Yes I have family and friends but some things are best said to a professional. The challenge with me is that so much of my life is now influenced by my healing, readings and intuition that I'm not sure what I could say to a living psychologist without them throwing me in a straight jacket.

Yesterday for example, I had lunch with a friend and she brought along Doreen Virtue's new Angel Reading tarot cards. I told her about my misgivings with my current job, and this feeling that I want to change directions without knowing where I should go. I know where I want to go, healing and counseling, but should I play it safe for a few more years and stick with a conventional day job?
She pulled three cards for me and we were shocked at how accurate they were:

1. Don't cry over spilled milk, you're not seeing the positive in your current situation.

2. Fears about money and concern over successful self employment.

3. Enjoy the little luxuries in life. Successful self-employment.


I was really shocked and pleasantly surprised by the cards. The past few months I've been whining about being stuck in a new job that I didn't really ask for or want. If there is a silver lining I haven't spotted it, but I better look harder. Then the next two cards really answered my question, should I put my energy into finding a day job that I like or should I focus on transitioning to healing, writing and other creative outlets in the future?

I can't imagine going to a non-psychic or spiritual shrink and telling them that this reading is getting me to consider it more seriously. Would they think I was a complete loon? I was thinking about this at the gym yesterday and suddenly I had a thought: my guide was a shrink and he is there to guide me. Ha! And at the same time, I can use his expertise in my healing sessions with clients. Not that I'd advertise myself as a counselor because I'm not, but I have often thought that the basic knowledge would come in handy. Sometimes I'll get very clear insight into a situation and its hard to steer the client in that direction (if its appropriate, a lot of times we are just meant to sit on what we sense during a healing session).

Anyhooo, if there is a qualified shrink out there who is also intuitive, and preferably in London let me know. LOL. I think I'd like to see one myself but more than that I'd like to learn to do what they do. Will have a look online for a few short courses in psychotherapy and counseling. 

In the meantime I will chat with my guide ....
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  1. Lol- that's why I switched over from seeing a normal therapist ('person centred') to seeing a Core Energetics therapist, where knowledge of the chakras and aura and channeling etc is part and parcel of the training :-)


    1. Hi Justin, I'm intrigued!

      What is a Core Energetics therapist?

  2. Geena I am working with The Angel tarot .... lots to learn and I am struggling with exactly the same questions as you x

    1. Hi Alison! How do you find the deck? I'm super curious about it ...

      I think I need to meditate more often and it will help me find answers. I used to meditate to build my connection and clairvoyance but now I need it just to find my way.

      Small difference! =)