Friday, September 23, 2011

Asking Archangel Michael for Help

Archangel Michael is back, it has been at least a year and a half since it was appropriate to call on him on a daily basis. And particularly in my work environment which is interesting because it means he is here to help me effect change on a very practical, earthly level.

We had two spaces for readings in last night's class, three really but the first one wasnt with Michael. The first time I tuned in to get a message for myself the message I got was how I am starting to come into my own strength in life. And how that confidence will give me the oomph I need to move on to the next growing phase of my life (I was about to say growing pain! Lol)

Anyhooo, his message was about taking charge and being resilient and in my element. Looking back over the past few work years thats the karma that I still need to break. Its long overdue. Archangel Michael has very direct energy, one that screams "let's get down to business" and that is what I need now. The past few months I have been asking what's next for me, not so much at work as in life. What am I going to do with energy healing? How can I spend more of my time on something a little more meaningful? One of the things we learned last night is that Archangel Michael looks after lightworkers and sets them on their path. The message I got yesterday is that I don't have to figure it out alone. :-)

What else did I get? A suggestion that I should bring him to work everyday which also sounds intense. I have been chorded to through my solar plexus (thats gone now!) There are still lots of heavily directed energy currents, can't think of any other way to describe it. The message I got was that I should continue to trust and love no matter what, and we were also told that grounding and centering in love is great protection. The more open and sensitive you are, the more susceptible you become to the energies and tensions that accumulate with basic human interactions. Especially at work lol!

So yes that was my reading in a nut shell! This was a real diary entry, thanks for reading as always! Oh and before I forget, I rocked the reading that I gave my classmate yesterday! This "strength and confidence" helps a ton with readings, I am less self-conscious about it and I didnt freeze up at all LOL!

Michael is going to make sure I get to class on time, no working late on Thursdays from now on haha!

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Love love LOVE reading your posts! I am positive I met one of my spirit friends from a past life about two weeks ago and now I soon have a reading with one of her friends whom is a medium and will be able to help me open up and communicate with my guides. I am so excited for what the future holds and reading entries like this gets me even more excited. I would not know where to start looking into taking classes and becoming a student such as yourself but I definitely know it's something I love. Keep up the wonderful work and THANK-YOU for helping us. -Emili from FB-

  2. Hi Emili! I don't know how I missed this comment! It was leading up to Christmas I guess. Glad you find the blog so helpful! Writing is amazing, its funny because so many things happen and if I didn't put them down on "paper" it would fade away and I'd forget about all these great lessons.

    This reading in particular warned me about something which has already happened, and I was upset for a couple weeks but now I can say that it really helped me widen my horizon.

    How are you getting along with the Ask Your Guides book?

    Take care!