Sunday, September 25, 2011

The trouble with free healings ...

Last term I had a bad experience with a client who kept standing me up, arriving late and postponing sessions. It nearly drove me up the wall and toward the end of the term I could barely stomach our sessions, it was a huge relief when they were finally over. The only reason I kept going was that I'd fail my class if I quit on him, and it was too late to recruit a new client and fit in six sessions. This time around I was lucky to find two clients who are huge fans of healing, one of them I've carried over from last term and she really seems to like it. The second client is brand new, I know her from work and she always remarks how chilled and relaxed I am. I get that happy-go-lucky feel from my healings and meditations, and she went away with the same happy vibe. Both of them are a pleasure to work with. 

I wish that was the end of this term's healing homework but we're now supposed to recruit a 3rd client.  This one is proving to be difficult to fill, usually I will schedule a pilot-healing with a potential client, and if they really like it they will sign up for the five sessions we have to complete for class. Some people tell me flat out that it's a huge time commitment, and they're less than keen. Others will really enjoy the session, and though they're keen to continue their busy lives get in the way and they're hard to track down. And if you're lucky you'll find a client or two who are in the habit of making time for themselves and will go out of their way to schedule the sessions. I have yet to confirm this 3rd slot, there are a few birds in the bush but none in hand. A couple weeks ago one of my previous clients referred a friend, who really seemed to like it.  She's signed up for the 5 sessions, but its been a couple weeks and it's been really hard to schedule a follow up. Really, really hard.

After last term's painful experience I only want to work with people who are really into healing, and its hard to weed out the fluffy ones if you're not allowed to charge. Generally people are more respectful of things they have to pay for, and when its for free the effort and the healer's time are taken for granted. This has been the exception, rather than the rule in my case, but still it can be frustrating when it happens.  My rational mind tells me this one will see it out, but I've already scouted a back up in case things don't work out. This client management is proving to be the most challenging part of my course.  Right now I'm doing this for credit so its no the end of the world if they don't show, I'd be a lot more stressed out if this was something I did for a living. My guides also tell me that some people might not be ready to receive healing, even if they consciously ask for it. I can usually see how it would benefit a particular person, but they need to see it as well to take it seriously.

We'll see how it goes, I will definitely keep you posted on this one! I should probably ask the Archangels to help me schedule appointments and find the right clients. Especially Archangel Michael, he is supposed to look after light workers and in some way I think we're both working towards the same goal. I am still trying to be optimistic about these homework clients, sometimes sorting this out puts more pressure on me than my day job and that can get a little bit tiring. At least now I'm aware of the struggle, last term I was carrying tons of tension in my muscles and it literally disappeared after my last healing session with that disappearing client. I have since asked Kali to erase any trace of that stress from my energy field, and to put an barrier between us. Essentially, his energetic imprint has been dispatched to another dimension, and I'm in a bright and happy space again. I can't be dispatching all of my clients though, so I'm asking my angels to send me good people that I can work with and learn from!  

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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