Monday, May 30, 2011

My Distant Healing Workshop

There is so much to tell about the last few weeks, I already have six posts typed up and waiting to be published. Today I'm going to zoom in on one exciting adventure, the distant healing workshop I attended 2 weeks ago. This was the same event where I gave the energy reading that linked back to the Little Mermaid (sigh ... so much fun!). 

The day started out with basic energy management, space clearing, and then that afternoon we moved on to our first distant healing session! Distant healing comes naturally to most of us, if you've ever prayed for someone to recover from an illness that's distant healing. We also send love and light to our friends and family. Overall I'd say there are 2 big differences between the distant energy healing we learned in class, and the prayer based healing I learned as a kid from my non-psychic parents:

1)  In any healing session the healer will use their body as a channel for healing energy. This applies to contact healing where you are physically standing in the person's aura, as well as to distant healing. We started out by grounding, centering and throwing down our energetic roots so that we could draw earth energy up from the center of the earth to our heart chakra. The next step was attunement, you use your intention to connect to the highest purest form of energy, and bring it down through your crown chakra to your heart. When these two energies mix, you really feel your heart expand and start to overflow with healing energy. In the case of contact healing, the energy is channeled down the healers arms and out their palms into the healee's energy field. With distant healing, we use our intent to send the healing energy straight out from the heart and across space to the person we are healing. 

2) The healer channels the energy without asking for a specific outcome, so technically we aren't supposed to wish or promise tha they will get "better". The healing takes place in the best interest of the client, but we have no idea what that might be. This might be a reflection on the way that I was brought up, but as a kid we usually prayed for good things to happen to people, and our prayers were influenced by what we thought was a good thing. For example, I might have prayed for a classmate to recover from leukemia, but what he really needed was a peaceful and painless way out of life. It has more to do with the state of mind of the healer, and knowing that we are just channels for the energy (we can't control or influence the outcome). The benefit is determined by the person we are healing, and their path in life including any difficult lessons they might need to learn.

So on to the distant healing excercise! 

The teacher lined us up on two sides of the classroom, in pairs so that we were each facing the fellow student that we'd be working with. There was a lot of space between us to make sure that we were out of each other's auric fields. First off, it was my turn to send energy to the woman that was sitting across from me. I had my doubts about distant healing, and in an effort to overcompensate I may have bombarded her with energy. My eyes kept drifting open and shut, as if to check in on her. She opened her eyes a few times and I was worried that my gaze might make her feel uncomfortable, so I let my eyes go hazy and looked at her aura instead. If you remember the 90's, there were these pixeled posters that were all the rage. If you looked straight at them you'd see a bunch of dots, but letting your eyes relax would bring out shapes of buildings, monuments or angels. This fuzzy eyesight is the one I use to look at aura's, still a beginner and I get tired so the visual won't always be clear. It was enough to keep my focus on the classmate during the healing session.  

We went on like this for about five minutes and then the teacher had us do a quick feedback session. It was cool because she did feel the energy coming her way, she described it like having someone invade your space. In a good way. She gave me feedback on where the energy was concentrated, which was cool because I hadn't sensed it during the healing. We went back to our seats and she distant healed me. It was a peculiar experience, that's the only way I can describe it. For starters, I felt the energy very strongly, with a lot more pressure than I get during contact healings. At the time I was getting over my conjunctivitis and my eyes were still sore and tired. The first thing I felt was pressure on my forehead, and it built up like a tornado that was sucking all of the excess energy from the brow chakra. I could feel this whirwind of pressure on my skin but also in the air in front of me. It must have gone through the etheric, emotional and mental layers of my aura. It felt good while it lasted, and all along I was conscious and happy that my eyes were getting healed because that's what I needed the most.

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