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Angels in the Outfield - Part 2

So moving on from last week’s teaser, the angel meditation class was really touching. For starters it lasted two hours and still flew by, which says a lot because I was always anxious to leave after an hour with the spirit guides. It's not to say that I didn't like the spirit guides, but back then I was new at psychic readings and I would clam up after five minutes. As you know I have been practicing on Facebook, and the feedback has really helped me gain confidence. My ego still makes an appearance, but in general I am much more relaxed. So thanks for letting me practice on you, it has helped me come a long way! :-)

Back to the angels class, the vibes were really something else, as soon as I walked through the door I felt a  bright airy buzz. Angels can  come very close to our dimension, and we didn't have to astral travel talk to them. When I communicate with spirit guides I see them through my third eye, but its like I am looking through spying glass at a far away location. Or better yet we use meditations to travel to that far away location and talk to them on the astral plane. Astral traveling is great fun, and you see things that you wouldn’t begin to imagine.  But there was something about having the angels in the room with us that made the experience concrete. And the best part is that they’re with us more often than we think, we just need to be more aware so that we can sense their loving support on an everyday basis. Lol, I even use cheesy language when I write about angels, but that's how they make me feel [sheepish grin]. 

The meditation we used to connect was very simple. First we closed our eyes, focused on our breathing and threw our roots down to draw earth energy up through our legs into our base chakra. We then placed a ball of light between our base and sacral chakras as an anchor. Being centered allows for clearer messages. Then we let the earth energy flow up to our heart. The next and last step was to bring while light down from Source (or heaven if you wish, though I am not sure the concept applies), through your crown and into your heart. The tutor didn't talk us through opening our brow or crown chakras, but my throat did open on its own which was a pleasant surprise. This is the second time that happens spontaneously, and once again I was able to hear the messages clearly. 

At this point we started to sense the angels, there were two in the room according to my classmates but I only sensed Archangel Gabriel. He (or she) is responsible for children, pregnant women, creative projects, poets, writers, bloggers, communication, and dreams. I tried to see, feel or hear her and I got impressions of long blond wavy hair, but not a figure or colors. Rather I sensed her as shimmering energy that flipped back and forth between female and male, the qualities were mostly feminine but there was something masculine in the strength and force of the presence. It didn't feel the least bit human, and that reminded me of a passage in one of Doreen Virtues's books. There is a question and answer section where Doreen asks the questions on behalf of her readers and the angels answer. Someone asks if extraterrestrials exist and have they ever visited earth? The angels say that if we define extraterrestrial, as a being that is not originally from this earth, then yes! The angels go on to say that they themselves are not of this earth, and they visit it frequently.  So back to my point, Archangel Gabriel’s presence was lovely but it wasn't human. The long blond hair was most likely a projection so I would see the feminine side, but it always went back to the shimmering light and after a few minutes I gave up on trying to give it definition (as I would with spirit guides who usually appear fully clothed in human form), and just let her talk to me.

The meditation went on forever and I sat there listening to what Gabriel told me about my life.  The key messages were about making sure I made an effort to talk to my family more often, saying that physical distance can shrink if they are close to your heart. My mom was on a flight back to Mexico that evening, so even though I left the class really wanting to call her, it was two long days before I got her on the phone. The other thing I remember is that Gabriel told me that when people see what I can do, they will be surprised but it will be proof enough that they won’t think I am crazy (which is one of the things I worry about, especially at work and  in "real life" where people don't go around removing their friend's headaches and talking to the "invisible" angel in the room). Anyhooo, this is not the first time I get this message. One more than one occasion my classmates have given me readings where the  message is that my practical life and my spiritual life will be able to mesh well. There has even been talk of healing people at work to meet my course requirements. I’ve already included a few friends from work in my assignments, but for the most part this isn’t something I discuss there. And not in detail.

At this point I wanted to move on to my classmates reading and began to stress about missing it. I asked Gabriel if we could move on to the second part of the reading, but she said that it was still my turn. A few minutes later I started to get nervous again, and asked when we were going to move on to the next bit. I didn’t’ want to come out of the meditation and tell my classmate that I had forgotten to ask for her reading. Not sure if angels laugh, I didn’t get a sense of it here but what I did get was the clear message that Gabriel knew what she had to tell me and not to think about anything else. There was still time. It went on for another 5 minutes and then the teacher brought us back to the room so that we could write our messages in a notebook. This is really important because its very easy to forget what you heard. As it turns out, we were taking a break before going back in for the 2nd part of the message, the reading for classmate. It was pretty funny because I wasn’t the only person who had misunderstood the instructions; one of the guys in the circle had also been pressuring Gabriel to get the reading for the class and was also told to wait for it. The reading I ended up doing for my classmate was really lovely. Gabriel showed me an image of a footstep in the sand, and then went on to tell me that she (my classmate) touched the heart of the people she met in her life. The words were actually in Spanish, my native language, and I think I lost part of the message in translation. Overall it was really nice, left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.  

At the end of the day the teacher guides the meditations, but she also went with what the angels were telling her to do. Its like they’re setting out a curriculum of things that we are meant to learn and discover, and I’m really excited to go back for the next two months and get to know the rest of the archangels. There are people who ask me if I’m scared when I go to these classes, but the truth is that the energy and the vibes feel so good, that its not possible to be scared when they are there. I felt trust with the angels like I never felt it with the spirit guides. Even so, it’s a slow burn, it will take many sessions to get to know them an recognize their vibes. If anyone else it out there, I’d recommend that you make sure you get to  know the being that you’re talking to before you start acting on any of the guidance. And at the end of the day, use your common sense and ask your higher self if the message will make your life better. More importantly, pay attention to how you feel when you are with them. Not everything that shines is good, and not everything dark is bad. I’m sure those of you who work with Melchizedeck can "like" this idea. Thanks for reading about my experience, and please share if you like it =) 

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