Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Energy Follows Thought Online ...

I was reading over some of my posts this morning and realized that most of them are about positive experiences. When something good happens we want to share it, conversely when something not so great happens the best thing to do is to get over it and move on.  One of the reasons that I go out of my way to keep my blog light and upbeat is this notion that energy follows thought, i.e. if you keep complaining that there are no single guys in New York you will never meet a single guy in New York.  This becomes even stronger when we put our thoughts down on "paper".

Thoughts are frozen when they are published on the internet, so it's even more important to make sure we immortalize positive energy. Putting negative energy out into the world will only lower our own vibration. For example, a few days ago I made a comment on a Facebook page and the administrator deleted it. I complained about it, and they deleted it again. I was offended at the comment moderation, and made a snide remark about it on my own Facebook page. When I saw the little tirade on my Wall, my vibration sank and my energy felt weaker and unhappy. I deleted the angry post immediately, and went on to write something that I was thankful for.

I firmly believe positive thinking and an optimistic outlook will help you transform your life, one day at a time. This is even more important when we voice our opinions, the energy we put into our thoughts is multiplied by the amount of people who listen. If you make a statement and a friend contemplates on it, you'll have twice the energy focused on that thought. Now multiply that by the amount of people that might read your comment online, would you rather amplify a positive or a negative message?

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  1. Coming back to this, I still had work to do on the amplification theory. I get the feeling that the thought gains strength if people read it, if they agree and even more if they comment on it. If they disagree, the thought and energy they spend disagreeing might take away from it's power.

    This is why we're not supposed to tell people what we wish for, if by hazard they don't want what we want, their intention can postpone it, or even keep it from happening. Curiously enough, according to the Zohar (Kabbalah's interpretation of the Old Testament), that's the moral of "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat"... Joseph dreamt that he'd rule over his brothers, and they sold him into slavery to prevent it from happening. It took many many years but the prophecy came true...

    Anyhooo, that's another story lol =).