Monday, April 4, 2011

Clearing The Energy Field

This was a huge week for me! I had two case studies that turned out to be major breakthroughs. Both of my case studies gave me immediate feedback on an ache fading away during the healing session. This was a major revelation for me, up until now I always assumed that healing was a gradual process that worked over a series of weeks. The feedback showed me that it is possible to get immediate results.

The first session was a standard chair healing. I sat the recipient down on a chair in my living room and asked her to chill out and let me know if she needed anything. It was the 1st time she'd had healing done and she was excited to be one of my guinea pigs for class. I put my hands on her shoulders to ground her, and then worked my way down each of the chakras starting with the crown all the way to the base. 

At this point I was still undecided about whether or not I wanted to scan and clear her aura, as this can be a little bit awkward on a chair. I kneeled beside her and scanned each of the layers from behind to make it a long clean swoop, and stopped whenever I noticed any stuck energy. Recognizing this takes a little bit of practice and everyone feels it a little bit differently. My hands tend to be cold during a healing, and when I feel heat or electricity I make an effort to clear it out. My left hand is better for scanning and giving out gentle energy, while the right palm channels too much energy on some ocassions.

I will typically use my left hand to scan, and will then use soft sweeping motions with the right hand to brush the stuck energy out of the person's energy field. When I was working with this woman I noticed a lot of heat and electricity around her head, and especially over her ears out in the emotional layer. My gut feel told me that she was listening to constant chatter that was confusing her, on a feeling level. I brushed the energy upwards away from her head, with the intent to burn and release it.  

The feedback after this session was really good, the headache disappearing was one of the 1st things she mentioned spontaneously.  One of the amazing things about experimenting with healing is that most of my friends are new to this, and their reactions are almost as strong as mine. It was the first time someone actually told me that an actual problem had gone away, and I was happy to learn that healing could have an immediate effect. So that was one big score for my healing practice!   =)

The second big breakthrough was similar to this one, but it required a 5 minute healing as I was put on the spot and asked for help with a specific problem. The healings we practice in school tend to be very structures, we work our way through each of the 7 chakras, then we balance the spinal column, and then we clear the etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the aura (front, back and sides). 

It takes a long time to cover so much ground, but when you're new you need to cover all of your bases as the intuitive direction might not be so strong. Yesterday I popped by a friend's house to give her a healing, and her mum had a stomach ache that was weighing her down. She was very interested to learn that I was into healing, and asked if I could "heal" her stomach. We were sitting in the living room watching TV with her family and I literally had 3 minutes for a quickie healing. It was a real case of improv!

The grounding, attuning, protecting and asking for  permission took all of 30 seconds. I stepped into her energy field and put my hands on her shoulders to ground her, leaving them there for another minute or so. I then moved straight for the solar plexus and tummy area, keeping one hand at the front and another at the back. There was a lot of hot stuck energy, and my mind flashed back to the headache that disappeared earlier that week. It hadn't occured to me to brush the energy away, and because she had her eyes open I wanted to do it without distracting her. I kept my left hand about 20 cm away from her tummy on the front end to read the energy, and then used my right hand to sweep the clutter down into the ground. 

The trick was I kept my right hand behind her back, but used intent and visualization to make sure the healing energy wrapped all the way around her and swept it all away. The sensation was unbelievable, I could instantly feel the temperature drop with the left "reading" palm. I kept brushing slowly for another 10-20 seconds, until it felt cold and clear. At that point I grounded her, closed her down and then let her know that we were finished. 

The feedback I got after this session was really great, I'm not sure if the stomach ache disappeared completely but she was very happy with the results and said so several times. I also noticed that a few minutes later she was up and about unpacking boxes, in stark contrast to the tired and heavy feeling she had before the session.  All in all this one was also a really good session, because it worked and I didn't have to go through all of the steps. At the end of the day, some of our energy healing recipients don't need to be cleared for 45 minutes, they might need a little bit of healing so that they can go on their way.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

Please Note: The Energy Healing techniques discussed on this blog are complementary to medical care, not alternative. 


  1. I had randomly stumbled across your site on facebook and i have been reading a few of your blogs. I'm truly happy i found this site because i do have a problem.. lol a few and it deals with energy. Two years ago I could go about my day and my energy was lighter, my mind was much more clear and i could communicate with the earth the way i wanted to without feeling any pressure. My problem now is that, i do feel like i have negative energy stuck. although im working on my problems in my mind, my gut and intuition keep telling me that something is off. i can clearly feel the difference from then and now. Not sure how to shake it off.
    When you were talking about sweeping the energy into the floor, thats when i was wondering, can that energy ever get stuck in that particular area? And i have another question. I have an old friend who has very very heavy energy, what does heavy energy mean exactly?? its almost like a suffocation feeling

  2. Hi There,

    Energy can get stuck anywhere, but you can also release it so don't worry! I do lots of different things to release neg energies, try whichever one feels best:

    - Grounding & Cleansing meditations, try Elliot Jay Tanzer's "grounding and centering meditation"

    - Once upon a time I picked up a nasty, and when 2 hours later I still couldn't get rid of it I walked into a bathroom and flushed a toilet, commanding the negative energy to go with the water lol. It really worked! I was surprised.

    - Sometimes I'll go for a walk in the park, especially if its windy and I'll visualize and feel the air just brushing away all of the energies that aren't mine (or that don't serve me). Since then my teachers told me to ground the energy so that no one else will pick it up, so I imagine a big net behind me that sweeps it up and throws it in a cosmic bin.

    - If all else fails, find an energy healer and go see them. We learn to clear out energies, cut psychic chords, etc and sometimes you need that extra help.

    Let me know how it works out,

    Love & Light