Monday, December 13, 2010

The Early Days

If on Day 1 you'd asked me what I wanted to get out psychic school, I would have told you that I wanted to learn to hear voices so that I could talk to my spirit guides. I also had these crazy ideas about learning telepathy, astral travel and maybe predicting the future. I was pretty much interested in all those fun things we see in movies, in the back of my mind I was also hoping that telekinesis might prove to be real – and it hasn’t, if you’re wondering!

The novelty wore off and I started losing interest in quirky psychic powers that might help me win the lottery. I started asking questions about some of the tougher questions in life – the job, family, relationships, what decisions to make. It suddenly dawned on me that all of these fun psychic tools could actually help find the answers to these problems. I was still too much of a psychic rookie to see or hear my guides, so I went out and bought myself a quartz pendulum to get YES/NO answers out of my guides. 

After reading an article called "How To Train Your Pendulum" and I spent the better part of an evening trying to get it to swing one way for YES and the for NO.  My efforts reminded me of the hours I spent training the family dog not to pee in the house; you have to be very patient.  I started out by asking it to show me the sign for YES. The 1st few times it danced around on the chain, bouncing in every direction. After a few tries it finally moved in a slow but deliberate circle.  I was so shocked I almost dropped it; this was the 1st time that I saw something that couldn’t be in my imagination. I managed to get through 5-6 clockwise swings before freaking out and putting the pendulum back in its pouch.

When I finally worked up the courage to take it out, I went through the signs for NO & SILLY QUESTION. I got a lot of SILLY responses the first few times I used a pendulum, I was constantly asking questions that couldn’t be answered by a YES or a NO. I also asked things that my guides couldn’t possibly know – like what were other people thinking? After a while I started noticing that I usually got the answer I was expecting, I would ask a question an automatically jump to conclusions (forcing the outcome of the swing). Looking back on it, this was pretty funny but for a few weeks my pendulum played mind games on me.

I have resorted to writing questions on Post-Its, folding them up and then randomly pulling them out of a pile to get the answers. Once I've asked all the "blind questions" I'll start with the YES pile and open those up. More often than not the order in which they're opened also tells a story, almost like a personalized tarot reading. The NO pile can be repetitive but it still helps to get confirmation. The SILLY QUESTION pile is my favorite, if the question is phrased correctly you can pretty much dismiss this question because it's not something you should be worrying about, or trying to fix. 

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  1. hi geena i use a pendulum at times to answer other peoples questions and have found it to be a very accurate psychic tool love and light x

  2. thanks briege! i really like my pendulum, it fell of it's chain a few weeks ago though so i took it as a sign to leave it alone, lol

    will try to get it fixed in a few months =)

  3. Have you been able to astral travel? I have been trying for months.

  4. Hi Anne,

    I tried a couple times about a year ago, but I kept falling asleep. I'm really curious about it though, now that I've gotten better at meditating though I think it might be time to try again =)

    Will make sure to write about it, when it finally happens lol