Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Mystical Parting of The Red Sea

There have been so many weird and cool things that have happened since I started blogging eight years ago. You'll find some of my quirkier experiences HERE and HEREI blog about them so that I can remind myself of it. Today I would like to share a new one. 

About two years ago I signed up for a weekly Kabbalah class were we learn about the mystical side of Judaism. The idea is that any passage in the Torah or Old Testament can be interpreted on four levels; the first being a literal interpretation, the next levels being allegorical and figurative, and deep down, a mystical side that Kabbalists will look for. Below you will find an example. 

The Exodus: A Closer Look

In the Exodus there is a passage that most of us are familiar with, where Moses leads enslaved Jews out of Egypt. At one point, they are trapped in front an ocean with the Egyptian army coming up behind them. Something happens (a bit of singing is involved), the Red Sea parts and they make their way to safety. 

In a literal sense, you would say that historically, the Jews escaped with this miracle, and that may be the case. I am just wondering how it might have happened. 

In a metaphorical sense, you could say that Egypt and the pharaohs represent the enslavement of the human spirit to the Ego, fear and material reality. Israel is that eternal aspect of the Soul. And the miracle is when our thoughts and feelings get out of the way and we can see clearly. 

In Kabbalah, the interpretation goes a bit deeper and turns almost magical when we look at the Hebrew letters that are involved in that passage. Namely, 72 combinations of three letter words that appear for the very first time in the Exodus. Kabbalists would tell you that these combinations of Hebrew letters parted the Sea. 

The 72 Names of God  

These combinations are known as the 72 Names of God, though we could view them as attributes or qualities of God. The idea is that by meditating on them, you bring some of those qualities into yourself - and they are really lovely. For example, the Miracle Making combination involves healing yourself to release any and all traces of envy, doubt, self-pity and anger, making way for miracles, blessings and light to enter. If you have read my earlier post on Attracting with Joy, this is exactly what we need to experience all kinds of miracles in our lives. 

If you'd like to know more about the 72 Names of God, Yehuda Berg has a fantastic meditation deck (Amazon Here) and for those of you who speak Spanish, I would also recommend this one

Comparing Old & New Testaments

I am a bit of a geek - if you've noticed. One of the things I like reading up on is different belief systems to see where there is an overlap. A few months ago I was looking at the Lord's Prayer and when I saw the line "Give us this day our daily bread" - the Hebrew letters Resh Hei Ayin came to mind. The numerology from these letters matches the number of fish and bread that were multiplied in one of the New Testament's passages. I blogged about that a year ago on a post called Miracle Making With Hebrew Letters

Over the years I have read a dozen Kabbalah books and gone to class with teachers from different schools, at the Berg's Kabbalah Centre and also other unaffiliated schools. Several have implied that the New Testament has quite a few Kabbalistic elements, and given the fact that Jesus was Jewish and that Kabbalah has been around for thousands of years; he would have known about it. 

So on a whim, I spent a few weeks going through the 72 Names and thinking about ones that might fit other lines in the Lords Prayer. It felt like a wild goose chase; it's on my blog HERE. 

The Unexplained Phenomena 

I might have left it there, but after I posted this article on my blog, something weird happened. If you go to Diary of a Psychic Healer on your phone and view the mobile version, you will always see 6 posts on the front page. When a new one is published, it sits at the top of the list, and the post that had been at the bottom is pushed to the second page, which can be accessed by clicking on a small arrow at the very bottom of the mobile view.... 

This didn't happen with the 72 Names of God post. I do not know what happened, but a cyber-bookmark was inserted, separating that post from all of the posts that came before it. At first, I thought the post was just really long, and that is why it was the only one showing on the front page. As I continued publishing, the ones that came later are shown above it, but none below.

You can have a look for yourself by browsing from your phones. I have also included pictures here, though my phone small and I can't zoom out to show the whole picture. This is what it looks like. 

The Current Front Page: 

I am including two separate screenshots for my current front page, so it is obvious I didn't manipulate it. We have "Songs To Manifest From the Heart" at the top (until I publish the post I'm writing now, on the Red Sea) and then all of my recent posts below. 

And The 72 Names of God: 

This is the post that I referenced earlier, with the cyber bookmark. If you scroll down the front page and click on the arrows pointing left and right, it will show you posts written before an after. For some reason, this one is either at the bottom of a very short list, with none below it, or all by itself. That's my weird unexplained phenomena - and fitting, as the post was about parting the Red Sea (in this case, the blog). 

This morning I made a small revision to that post about the 72 ames and the Lords Prayer, changing two of the names that I had chosen. I was half expecting something to change but it didn't. And I'm curious to see what happens when I publish this new post at noon, on September 11th 2018. I expect the front page to rearrange itself, and we'll see how long the cyber-bookmark stays in place. Hope this makes sense. 

Thank you for reading this long-winded post - I wanted to share it with you. And Happy Rosh Hashanah to all my Jewish friends!

Reiki hugs, 



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