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Anchoring Spirituality in the Psyche and in our Emotional Health

Hello Chickpeas! I have some thoughts to share on how we can ensure that healing takes hold on all levels of our soul, spirit, and personality.

Self-Healing Is About Integration 

A few months ago I had a homework assignment that involved guiding a psychic meditation where we connected with all the stars in the Milky Way and with Archangel Metatron. He is one of the angels who sits at the highest levels of reality, though he easily slides through the spiritual dimensions to reach us in the physical realm. When I asked my intuition why blend the two, the response was that soul healing runs along two major axes. The archangels help us go up and down a vertical ladder of awareness - much like a piano where we learn to play all of the octaves. The starlight connection helps with lateral integration, or healing of relationships. It involves going beyond our concept of self .

Vertical Integration (Spiritual)

If we think of consciousness as a ladder of awareness, we can go upwards to get a sense of a spiritual world - whether we believe in angels, goddesses, or one particular understanding of God. We can also take our awareness down to connect with the natural world, becoming sensitive to the energy and spirit of Mother Nature, which includes trees, rivers, mountains, flowers and crystals. Some traditions emphasize the Heavens, while others focus on Nature and the Earth. Energy Healers spend lots of time grounding because planet Earth gives us the foundations needed to access the upper echelons of the ladder. This is how we activate our psychic abilities and our intuition to connect with angels and teacher guides. 

Up isn't better than down. The natural world has plenty of wisdom to share with us. It is also healing and de-stressing. Just think about how it feels to leave your cellphone behind and go for a hike.  Grounding is essential for Healers; without it, we can burn ourselves out or even lose contact with a sense of reality and purpose on Earth. The first chapter of Chakra Healing & Magick focuses on grounding our personal energy. 

> Vertical integration means feeling just as comfortable with the spiritual world as the material world - going up, going down, and bringing both together in the Heart. It is about spirituality, including our relationship with Mother Nature and any mystical experiences. 

Lateral Integration (Human)

This is the part that I found most intriguing: in this clairvoyant meditation we connected with the stars, taking our attention to other planets, dimensions and universes (or inwards, to your own universe of feelings, experiences, and associations). In my consumer marketing days, we used to say that every human being was a universe: complete with beliefs, affinities, and unimaginable social interactions. Lateral integration involves healing of relationships on all levels: personal (yourself), individual (friends, lovers, family) and collective (society). 

Ask Yourself: How do I get along with people in my life, at work, in school or generally in the world? There are social groups that we feel a part of and others that we see as distant, different or foreign. This is where psychology comes into play; the attributes that we shy away from are often projected onto others. We can shine a light on the unconscious by studying astrology, in intuitive meditations and even with tarot.  

In this meditation I visualized a network of stars going out in all directions - a metaphor. We take our attention beyond ourselves and channel starlight while intending to heal the parts of our personality that feel separate from or triggered by our surroundings. It flows through you, soothing your emotional body. 

Energy Healing meditations involve all of our intuitive senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and even taste. I felt that starry energy circle through my arms: up the left, through the Heart and out the right hand. Out to the universe. Relationships do influence the emotional and mental layers of the Aura, but the healing was in the Heart. 

🫢🏻 When I ask my intuition what we stand to gain by expanding our awareness to include all of the planets & stars in the Milky Way, the answer brings me back to the basics: connecting with yourself (inwards) and the people around you (outwards). Healing our relationships so that we feel belonging, community and compassion on a global or cross-cultural level. Resolving conflicts and processing emotions is a big part of this.

From an energy healing perspective, lateral integration paves the way for transpersonal healing - when intuitive meditations that focus on yourself then filter through to people in your community through the transpersonal energy centers in the Aura. I will come back to this as it involves vertical and lateral awareness. 

The Intersection is the Sweet Spot

We heal by integrating the four directions (Up/Down, In/Out). Many personal conflicts come from stumbling blocks in the subconscious; these can be found by going inward. I have often looked to natal astrology for clues. We can work with Energy Healing and with creative tools to shine a light on our inner self. At the end of the day, lateral integration involves working with the psyche and our emotions. My goal is to focus more on energy healing and shadow work. 

Spiritual Integration (Vertical) is fun and exciting but the human aspect (Lateral) can be messy, painful and even ugly. It's not uncommon for spiritual types to shy away from it; I have done so myself. This is what I am working on now and it dawned on me that the four directions consolidate our healing efforts. The concept has given me a framework to work with - I hope it helps you too πŸ’™ 

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Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angels, tarot and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as an Energy Healer at the School of Intuition & Healing UK. Blogging since 2010, Regina's passion is bringing the qualities of love, joy and empowerment to healing pursuits. 


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