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An Unexpected Happiness Boost

One of the things that I’ve toyed with is going vegetarian to reduce my environmental footprint, but rational arguments aren't always strong enough for us to give up something we love. And my favourite foods are veggies, salads, steaks and cheeseburgers. The compassion plea might be stronger.  If we think about how animals are kept in factories, it is worth it to choose free-range beef and chicken. Let's say the animal had a humane life and we believe in the food chain (animals eat each other in the wild); there is nothing morally wrong with eating animals. Moderation is healthy too. 

Then three months ago I went on a heart healing workshop where we connected with our Higher Selves and with teacher guides such as Buddha or Quan Yin. It sounds like science fiction, but we can all learn to receive their messages and guidance if we meditate with this in mind. Beyond a certain level, the messages that come through are meant to help us and these highest level guides never ask for anything in return. My Reiki Teacher calls it the Third Heaven level where all we encounter is compassion; no duality, no give and take, no agendas. The messages are about helping you.

So the message that I received from a spiritual being that shone like a thousand suns was that my 'food chain' rationale was not good enough; humans have slightly higher consciousness which makes it possible for us to be self-aware and feel compassion for other animals. He didn't tell me to give it up altogether, but told me there is something non-compassionate about eating another sentient being. The last part of the message was that going vegetarian would make me happier as I wouldn't be eating certain emotions. 

I'm Testing Vegetarian Waters 

This was in March. Two weeks ago I finally thought I would go cold turkey for a month. I love meat - I really do - so in the long term my plan is to become a weekday vegetarian and eat burgers and hot wings on weekends. Tacos too - it's really hard to be Mexican and live in Mexico and never eat a taco again (although my favourite taqueria has a vegetarian menu). I went to a nutritionist to get tips on how to substitute protein, iron, B12 and all of the others nutrients that we get from meat. Two weeks have gone by. I had a spoonful of ceviche the first week, and chicken enchiladas on Wednesday, but otherwise no meat products. 

And guess what? I have never been happier. It took like 10 days for my mood to adjust and another few for me to notice. But I feel like my Aura is full of light, my mind is clearer and my Solar Plexus Chakra is radiating. Nothing has changed in my life - actually, there are a few things that make it less than perfect. But I am happy for no reason, except for the biological one ... 

Science On Vegetarian Happiness 

Yesterday I was thinking about how I feel so much happier and was there a scientific reason for it? I googled "happy after 2 weeks as a vegetarian" and came across a clinical study that looks at the acids in animal meat and the effect they have on the brain. This particular acid is called Arachidonic - our body needs it to function properly, but if we have too much, the studies show a correlation between depression and animal consumption. The trials run with meat eaters showed that after just 2 weeks on a vegetarian diet, people who previously ate meat were happier. 

So I had no idea about this before I started - other than my intuition telling me that I would be happier as a vegetarian. The archangels have told me repeatedly that our personal ability to channel miracles into the world depends on how happy we are - but also, that if we are super unhappy they can help us with a bit of divine intervention. Thank God for that, literally. 

I would never presume to tell anyone to become vegetarian. But if we can't bring ourselves do it for environmental reasons or out of compassion (I couldn't manage it despite those reasons), test it for your own happiness. Just for two weeks to see how you feel, and if you are happier, think about adding a few meat-eating days so that you are able to benefit from the mental uplift as well as your favourite dishes. At this point I don't know if I will stick with it forever but I am loving the happiness boost. When this month is over I might choose the weekday vegetarian plan as that gives us freedom to eat anything on Saturdays and Sundays - then again I may run with it and go vegetarian 99% of the time. The main benefit is happiness; for me, for the animals and the planet. 

Vegetable Protein Sources

Knowing what to eat is the biggest challenge and to be honest, I didn't stock up on protein alternatives so by the end of the first week I was feeling tired. Plus my favorite workout is spinning Γ‘ la SoulCycle, so I had to up my protein game. I have been relying on a few ingredients and I'm actively looking for more. The tiredness went away with these: 

  • Fage Greek Yogurts have 20 grams of protein in one pot, which is almost half of what I need in a day (at 63Kilos) - amazing. 
  • Feta, Goats Cheese, unsweetened peanut butter are good too. 
  • Pastas made from Lentil, Garbanzo have 8-10 grams. 
  • The Veggie Protein Shakes at GNC are great. 
  • Lots and lots of greens like Spinach etc
  • Lentils, beans, garbanzos, nuts and seeds.
  • Quinoa is a famous protein grain but I am really loving another one called Freekeh that is very filling and has lots of protein. 
  • Eggs for breakfast are wonderful. 

My nutritionist suggested switching my carb intake to bread, rice and pasta that take longer to digest. Some carbs give us more energy - and I have to include the right type of carbs, protein and fat in every single meal or snack. The only thing that's been cut are pastries, candy and sweets (or fruit after 2pm as it disrupts digestion). The bread that I am eating is called Ezequiel or Centeno in Spanish; the rice is usually wild or a bit harder, no white or processed carbs for me.  

The Bigger Picture 

We get a lot of nutrients from meat, chicken and fish - not just protein. Iron, B12 and other minerals need to be substituted as well. I am no expert on this - clearly I’m just starting out. But the past weeks have seen such a HUGE SHIFT IN MY HAPPINESS that I anticipate being mostly vegetarian for a long time. How many of us would love to feel a little bit happier. If a plant-based diet does it for you, going vegetarian is a pleasure, not a sacrifice.

There are plenty of rational reasons to not eat meat and you will find them in this 4 Minute TedTalk on being a Weekday Vegetarian. But we humans aren't entirely rational - so many of our decisions are made emotionally. So do it for yourself - for your happiness, and if you feel a difference it will be very easy πŸ˜‡

I hope you enjoyed this post and please don't unsubscribe - we will go back to energy healing and intuition posts next week. And if you'd like to give this a go - see a nutritionist. The last thing you need is to miss out on nutrients and think that being a part-time vegetarian is exhausting, when it just requires planning and knowledge. And of course, every physical body is different, please pay attention to what you need. 

One last plus to going vegetarian, you usually have room for dessert!

Reiki hugs, 


> 2020 Update! I put vegetarianism on hold when the pandemic began, but I plan on going weekday veg again in the long term 🍏🍏🍏


Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angel intuition and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as a healer at the School of Intuition & Healing UK. Her passion is bringing the qualities of self-love, joy and empowerment to healing pursuitsRead her books to heal yourself.  

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