Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ground Yourself In Love

It's been a few weeks since Chakra Healing & Magick was released - I hope you are enjoying the read! This week, I thought we could discuss grounding and how it can help us prepare for the shifts that come when we begin to engage with energy healing and meditation on a deeper level.

We have discussed grounding several times, so it's grounding in the energy of love that I'd like to focus on. You see, in order to really heal ourselves, we have to be willing to turn a compassionate and objective eye inward, shining a loving light on our fears and insecurities before addressing the aspects that need healing. 

If we are also planning on working with energy healing to bring about these shifts on an emotional or spiritual level, we will be much better off if we begin by grounding ourselves in Mother Nature as that gives us a means of releasing emotional energy. 

How Do We Ground Ourselves?
We can begin by learning to ground ourselves. If you recall, grounding is about bringing our consciousness into the body so that we are fully aware of how we feel, and so that we are in touch with nature - which in turn, can help us feel safe, loved and supported. It also makes life easier. 

After all, when we live in the moment we experience life in technicolor and emotions run high, it can be overwhelming - which is why many of us escape when things get a bit messy, rathe or than deal with the turmoil. Some might distance themselves from a relationship, others may turn to desensitizing habits like drinking, and still others flee into a "spiritual" or "zen" lifestyle to try and numb those topsy-turvy sensations.

What's In It For You???

I like to quote my fellow healer and friend, Justin Luria (from the School of Earth Medicine in London) - Justin tells us that grounding is about working on our relationship with the earth. This could be seen on an energetic level, where we draw on Earth energy for support and sustenance (better than Redbull!) and on a figurative level, where we connect with the physical world so that we can enjoy life on Earth.

Learning to ground ourselves is a process, one where we come into contact with our inner voice and with the physical body's language. If you have read my earlier posts on Medical Intuition (here), you will be familiar with what the body can tell us about our beliefs, our food choices and even the way we feel about our lives deep down. 

The physical body and the Aura quite literally register everything that happens to us, and of we learn to read it, we can shed kilos of physical and emotional weight. To do that, we start by grounding ourselves so that we can establish that inner dialogue. 

Channeling Love ...

As a student,I learned to ground myself in the energy of love by visualising tree roots growing out of the bottoms of my feet, into the ground, where they wrapped around a rose quartz crystal at the centre of the earth. That energy travels up the roots, into the body, and cascades out the Crown Chakra, surrounding you with pink light. It fills your Aura with love and trust, which in turn, shields your personal energy. 

From an empath's point of view, this technique is a "sanity saver" as it keeps other people's thoughts, emotions and stress out of our energy field - keeps us clear. It also prepares us for self-healing because love is not judgmental. 

By filling our hearts and minds with that loving energy, we can turn a discerning eye inward, shining a light on our vulnerabilities, our mistakes and some of our regrets, healing them in the process. 

A few months ago I published an article with OM Times about compassion and how it leads to  healing (read it here); this simple grounding exercise can put us in the right frame of mind to begin self-healing.

Want to Know More?

Follow the link below for A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love (2013) and Chakra Healing & Magick (2016). Both titles explore energy healing and the chakra system though admittedly through very different lenses. Join me on this journey!

The bodhisattva Quan Yin is associated with cherry trees and with compassion. 


Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angel intuition and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as a healer at the School of Intuition & Healing UK. Her passion is bringing the qualities of self-love, joy and empowerment to healing pursuitsRead her books to heal yourself.  

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