Thursday, April 23, 2015

Color Healing Meditation (2/2)

I am really pleased to share this meditation from my book, A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love. Color Healing is one of my favorite techniques, incredibly accurate and easy to follow. The name says it all: we tune into the body and subconscious through the use of color meditations. The idea is to view our Inner Self with love and then heal and release any stuck emotions or hurts. Please keep in mind that energy healing and meditation are complementary to medical care, not alternative. Use this as an intuitive guide only. 

Universal Color Meditation

Intent: Heal and release emotions and energy from the body

Sit down in a quiet, comfortable place. Bring your attention to your breathing and observe its natural pace. As you breathe in, you take in healing energy from the universe. On the out breath, let go of all of the tension in your life.

Bring your attention to your Heart Chakra as it fills up with green healing light. This light fills you with comfort, warmth and love. Stay with this throughout the meditation and let your intuition guide you through the rest.

Now bring your attention to your body/Aura/Chakra. How does it feel? Is there a particular area that you would like to heal today? Let your intuition guide you.

Ask your body to show you a color. Go with the first color that comes to mind. Is it a solid color? What does it feel like? Is it light, heavy, breezy? Slow?

Now ask the color to tell you how it feels. There are no right or wrong answers, everything is valid and deserves to be heard with love and compassion.

Thank the color for opening up to you. See and feel it filling with white or pink light. This light gently dissolves the color and releases it from your body. Bless it with love and forgiveness. Stay with this as long as you like.

Next we will fill the space with liquid gold. This gold light has the highest vibration of any energy. Visualize it filling any holes and sealing your energy.

Once the space is warm and full of gold, let that gold light trickle down through your Crown Chakra and gently fill your body, your Chakras and your Aura.

Sit with this for a few minutes and bask in the warm gold light.

Bring your attention back to your breath as it settles into its natural rhythm. Feel the weight of the chair beneath you; the soles of your feet. Take your time and slowly bring your attention to the room.

When you are ready open your eyes.

The meditation is just below, though I find its best to record yourself and play it back (your energy responds to your voice!) 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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