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Choose Your Own Flower Remedies - Part 2

Last year I booked a session with a flower healer in Mexico, hoping to ground my energy and cool my nerves. I had just landed a gig as a weekly radio host with A1R Psychic Radio, and truth be told, I was terrified about giving angel and tarot readings on air. What if I froze and couldn't say anything? In any other setting, it wouldn't matter if the messages took a minute or two. I cringed at the thought of radio silence. So I went to Cati the Flower Healer and asked her to give me liquid courage and clarity. Her consultation room is small but gorgeous. A glass desk full of angels, buddhas and flowers. Behind her, a bookcase filled with hundreds of flower essences: Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers and a few Planetary Elixirs. 

Suddenly, I wasn't all that nervous and spent most of the hour asking about flower remedies and vibrational healing. This is what I learned: 

When Edward Bach created his flower essences in the 1930's, the original set was known as The Twelve Healers. The remedies corresponded to common personality types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Bach's theory was that we could use flower remedies to soften each personality type's limitations, and tap into its strengths. If I'm not mistaken, Bach also hypothesized that our personality types may overlap with our Moon Signs, but he didn't connect the dots. Others have gone on to connect individual remedies with their corresponding essence. The big surprise that day, was that I had intuitively chosen the correct essence for my Moon in Capricorn. You wouldn't guess it, but I can be very fearful, prone to worst-case-scenario thinking. The Bach Centre tells us that Mimulus is for people with a: 
"Fear of worldly things, illness, pain, accidents, poverty, of dark, of being alone, of misfortune. The fears of everyday life. These people quietly and secretly bear their dread, they do not freely speak of it to others"
My first experience with Flower Remedies was at a supermarket shelf. I read the descriptions and chose the ones that were right for me. It wasn't until I had this impromptu Q&A with Cati the Flower Healer, that I realized these remedies corresponded to my Sun, Moon and Past Life signs. These essences soften aspects of our personality that get in the way of our happiness. I'm no expert on astrology, but as far as I can tell, we have the most to gain by balancing and healing these placements: 

  • Sun Sign: How we channel our energy into the world. 
  • Moon Sign: Inner feelings, emotions and personal life.  
  • Ascendant: How we relate to the world and those around us. 
  • Mercury: How we communicate our thoughts to others. 
  • Venus: Our relationship with love, money and creativity. 
  • Mars: How we channel desires into the realm of action. 
  • South Node Moon: Lessons brought forward from a past life.

Your astrological chart will tell you what House and Sign the planets were in at the time of your birth (see here for a free birth chart). The zodiac sign refers to the attitude or energy that you bring to a particular situation, and the house is that situation (career, family life, spirituality, etc). The essences that I chose intuitively corresponded to the zodiac signs for my sun, moon and three other planets that are all placed in the same sign (Virgo). I think it was the preponderance of Virgo energy that made me gravitate to that particular essence, so keep an eye out for lots of planets in a particular sign or House. 
That's not all! The Houses also have intrinsic zodiac signs; and we can be influenced by their energy, rather than the transiting sign's. For example, my North Node is in the 4th House, and even though Leo was transiting through the 4th house at the time of my birth, I was drawn to the remedy for Cancer. My karma is theoretically in the 4th & 10th houses, and that's where I'd do well to focus my energy * 

Here is a quick summary of the Houses and their native signs:  
  • 1st House:  Our personal identity, who we are in the world. ARIES. 
  • 2nd House: The material world, riches, resources. TAURUS.
  • 3rd House:  Our community environment, siblings. GEMINI. 
  • 4th House:  Family life, the home, childhood. CANCER
  • 5th House:  How we express our creativity: art, music & love affairs. LEO
  • 6th House:  Vocations, teamwork, help, service to others (or not). VIRGO
  • 7th House:  Marriage, romantic relationships, partnership. LIBRA
  • 8th House:  Shared resources, monetary gain, legacies. SCORPIO
  • 9th House:  What is the meaning of life? Philosophy. SAGITTARIUS
  • 10th House: Social and career status, ambition, ripple effect. Capricorn
  • 11th House: Do we identify with all of humanity? Oneness.  AQUARIUS
  • 12th House: The realm of past lives, karma & family secrets. PISCES. 

If this sounds complicated, go by your intuition and let it guide you. Read the descriptions and see how they feel. We can take up to 6-7 remedies at a time, so its a good idea to choose the ones that sound like they will benefit us the most. We can also use a pendulum to select the remedies. I have done this in the past by putting eight or nine bottles on the table in front of me, turning them around so that I can't see the labels (I don't want to bias the results) and letting the pendulum choose them for me. Maybe it's magic, but the pendulum usually says Yes to the remedies that resonate with my life at the time. 

That's all for today! I hope this crash course in astrology was useful, and not too confusing. There is so much to learn, I am very much an amateur myself. Please have your birth charts ready for my next post. We'll explore Bach's original remedies and the Zodiac signs they've been linked to. If you don't know your star signs, generate a chart at


Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angels, tarot and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as a Healer at the School of Intuition & Healing. Regina's passion is bringing joy and empowerment to healing pursuits.  

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