Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Happy Path's Online Yoga Studio

I'm pleased to feature this guest post by Shanie Matthews from My Happy Path. Her plans for an online yoga studio are pretty amazing. If you like her pitch, please support the Indiegogo campaign to get it off the ground.   

Olympic Valley, CA - For the past eight years, Shanie Matthews has been helping thousands of people improve their mental and physical health through her My Happy Path website (www.myhappypath.com). The site, which has 2,700 Facebook followers, offers online mediation, inspirational stories and health advice. Matthews wants to take a giant leap forward and transition her website into a full-service online yoga studio. This online yoga studio is really just the beginning of the dream, though. Her bigger vision is to have the online yoga studio that is acting as the face for her developing nonprofit, My Happy Place, which is creating empowerment homes for sex trafficked victims.

"Other online yoga classes are available on the Internet," she said. "What I am doing is unique. I'm offering two yoga classes, a guided meditation and a corresponding affirmation that are all interlinked, focusing on a specific empowerment theme. No one else currently online is combining the three. The goal is for people to become healthier and happier."

Matthews has mapped out a schedule of online yoga classes and subjects that will be covered. "Each week will spotlight different ways we can embrace our highest self," she said.

The schedule includes:
  • reducing fear
  • expanding calmness
  • releasing stress
  • enriching the relationship with inner self
  • letting go of anger
  • connecting with forgiveness
  • nurturing the heart

Matthews has found yoga to be an effective healing tool in her own personal life. "In the last two years yoga helped me recover from a divorce and a serious leg injury," she said. 
"This new website will help people become healthier and happier in their daily lives. And with the increase in happiness, I'm hoping it will overflow into creating places of empowerment for those forced into sex trafficking, so that they may find a nurturing way to their own happiness."

A weekly package of these tools will go for $11 and that includes access to past videos. There will be an introductory offer of free access for two weeks and a yearly membership is $89.95. 

MyHappyPath.com will need some technical upgrades in order to offer these new services. Matthews estimates that she'll need $5,000 to develop platforms for membership services and streaming videos. Funding is also necessary for business expansion and licensing fees. In order to generate this start-up capital, she has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at www.indiegogo.com/projects/my-happy-path-online-yoga-studio

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $25 contribution, backers will receive a three-month subscription to the new site. A $100 pledge is rewarded with a one-year subscription, a healing stone, a downloadable meditation session and a set of limited edition My Happy Path cards. 

For additional information, visit Shanie's Indiegogo Campaign (click here) or visit the My Happy Path website (here) and the Facebook Page (here). Shanie can also be reached directly on shanie@shaniematthews.com

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