Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Past Life Discovery - by April

I'm really pleased to introduce a guest post by one of my classmates at The College of Psychic Studies in London. April gave me the most amazzzing rune reading late last year. She is a talented channeller too. 

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I was always very interested in past lives since I was a teenager, I read books, visit people who supposed to have the abilities to see and did everything I could as I was fascinated about the subject. Something that I always knew in my heart, was that I wanted to come and settle in the UK, a feeling stronger than myself that I couldn’t avoid; since I’m from Mexico, it took  me  a lot of efforts and a chain of little (or big?) miracles for it, but that is another story. With my feelings for the UK I was pretty sure that they were a remembrance of a past life and I could feel it in my core; but I couldn’t explain my fascination and curiosity about the Northern countries and of course, that I had my Viking runes since I was 19, even when I only began to understand them recently in the last couple of years (thanks to a  rare workshop I found, there is ever hardly anything related to old Viking oracles and is difficult to find a teacher or a class), so I began to suspect  that I was remembering 2 separate lives until one day a colleague from work that does Reiki had a saying. 

This girl and I connected since the beginning and were able to see things in each other we couldn’t realise on our own. One day The British Museum announced and upcoming exhibition about the life of the Vikings and I felt strongly compelled to go so I reserved my ticket straight away; when I informed her about it she started to see and feel things related to it and she said to me: “You will find this very odd, but I can see you raiding to this country, you were a Viking raiding in the UK” I found that very funny and interesting but it wasn't until before the exhibition when it hit me. On my way there, I had this loud and clear word in my thoughts, the name, "Harald"  was pounding in my head over and over and as soon as I entered the exhibition, everything seemed so familiar, their religion, their activities, also Viking women were naturally psychic and that was expected and highly respected. The cherry on top was the existence of this Viking king, called Harald who led raids to the UK. Suddenly was clear to me; I came here within his army like my friend saw in her vision. Women were also warriors, so they would raid along men. Everything was so crystal clear that I couldn’t believe it! All those years trying to find about past lives, only to find little pieces to the puzzle and after more than 6 years of being in the UK, I finally was able to decipher the connection between everything. When you become aware of a past life   is often because it can help you with the present one and more likely you’d bring some characteristics along with you, which for me, apart from the spiritual interests I also brought the strength of the female warriors.

So if you are like me, always curious about past lives and spirituality, all I can tell you is, things reveal themselves on the time they suppose to and you can be sure that when the time comes, the feeling is so wonderful and overwhelming, that won’t leave space for doubts in your mind. You just have to be patient!

A quick note from Regina: The British Museum is a wonderful place to go to trigger past life memories. I had a similar experience in the Egyptian section. Also happened to flip through one of the books in the gift shop and found an awesome explanation for one of my nicknames. =)  

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  1. Wow, great post. I've had similar experiences to you. Do you remember that book at The British Museum or can you recommend one? I want to get back to London very badly!!

    1. Hi! It was a kids book on ancient egypt with a white cover and pictograms inside. Sorry! That's all I remember. It talked about the different deities, symbols and other aspects of life in ancient egypt. Small book, too =) You might enjoy Denise Lynn's book called "Past Lives, Present Miracles" though. Great book for discovering your past.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Wonderful article, and the tip to visit museums is one I've never come across but will definitely try! I'm currently trying to uncover a few more of my past lives, so the suggestions are most welcome. Thank you for sharing your insight and giving us the benefit of your experience.

    1. Thank You! I had a look at your website, pretty cool! Please stop by my FB page when you can. We do open readings on Weds and Thursday, could be a nice way to meet new people :-)

  3. Thank you very much Regina - I'm glad you like the site. I'll be sure to visit your Facebook page as well and have a look around.