Friday, April 25, 2014

TV Mediums, Dreams and Premonitions

The past few weeks I have been watching the TV show Medium, with Patricia Arquette. It's about a psychic mom, Alison Dubois, who works part time solving crimes with the DA. Most of her visions and insights about cases come in dreams. And she wakes up in a fright after each one. That must suck. 

The  psychic mom gets little bits of info at a time which send her in the general direction of the culprit but not quite. Sometimes I find the main character to be self-absorbed, because everything in her life takes second place to her dreams and sense of "righteousness." She had a dream. She has to act on it before they commit a crime, no matter what. Every now and then she takes a stand against someone and then realises that she didn't have a full picture. Ouch.

If anything, those experiences can teach the rest of us a lesson. Psychic impressions can be hard to interpret or place. A bad dream might scare you if you mistake it for a premonition. Not all of the things we dream about or sense will come to pass. I like to think of the future as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" novel. The choices we make tomorrow can take us down a different road, and the vision we had today can change. That is one of the reasons why I don't ask about the future very often. I would rather get a little head's up so I can adjust my behavior now and travel down a different road if possible.

That said, the show is a lot of fun. Her little girls are also psychic and you see how each if them handles it. And she does catch a lot of bad guys. The show is bases on a real life psychic. One of my tutors at The College of Psychic Studies practices Remote Viewing and she has worked on missing persons cases in the past. Must be interesting! I don't see myself going in that direction though. 

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