Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Opening to Channel - 2

This is the 2nd in a series on Channeling, click here for Part 1.

Today's topic is about releasing our fears and beliefs. There are many reasons why we would want to do this, here are a few (off the top of my head). We tend to worry about things that will never happen, or about things that have already happened. This creates an atmosphere of anxiety, worry and doubt that has little to do with reality. You might be scared that a partner will leave you, for example, because of relationships that have fallen apart in the past. These fears can influence our behavior, ironically creating tension that could in fact, lead to the end of what might have been a stable relationship. 

Our fears and beliefs can also shape our experiences. My first channeling tutor, Roger Hanson, would tell us that there are no absolutes, except that whatever you believe to be true, is true for you. This parallels a magical hypothesis about individual realities. My unique and indivual belief is that healing is real, I can create or attract an event by thinking about it (or by fearing it). And that money is a pleasure to earn and spend. One can be grounded, spiritual, practical, safe and abundant. It's entirely possible. 

I could write a book on this (and maybe I will one day!) but for now, let's talk about fears and beliefs as they relate to channeling. Books like Neal Donald Walsh's Conversations with God are said to be channeled by human beings who made contact with the spiritual world. The question is, who were they listening to? We each have a spirit/soul and a mind/ego. The soul has access to Divine Wisdom, to lessons learned in past lives, to our a Higher Self, etc. The mind can get in the way with self-doubt, worry and fears. If we try channeling without grounding ourselves in love and releasing those fears, it can be very easy for the fearful parts of our imagination to take the lead. The same is true for intuitive readings, automatic writing and even dreams. We can scare ourselves and others!

Luckily, we can work on healing and releasing our fears :-)

Beliefs are equally important. If we believe something is possible, we are more likely to succeed. Just about anything is possible if you check your beliefs at the door. Meditation and journaling are good ways to do this, but first, let's talk about grounding, connecting and energetic protection. Whether you're channeling your feelings, your inner wisdom or your spirit guides and angels, it's best to be grounded, centred and protected. Same is true for any kind of psychic reading. Stay tuned! 

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