Monday, March 10, 2014

A New Psychic School?

I am mostly thrilled to be back in Mexico, and though I miss my London friends, I also miss my healing and psychic schools. It was pretty amazing having somewhere to go every week where you could practice readings, remote viewing and healing. Of course, I am sure there are similar spiritual groups in Mexico, I just have to find them. 

This weekend I went to a channeling workshop (yay!) that was good fun. A friend of mine actually taught the class. We met six years ago when our business school put us in touch, he had a business idea and was looking for a partner. I was job hunting. As it turned out, I quit my job and moved to London where I found a new job (and a Healing school lol).

Quite a few of my Mexican friends have found their way into energy healing, channeling, working with guides, etc. Its funny how we're on similar paths. I'd love to attend a psychic school here. Most workshops are done at people's houses, which is OK, but I love having a catalog to choose from. 

Yesterday's class was pretty cool and very helpful, I will write up the technique in my next post :-) If you would like to try it out, buy three white candles and keep an empty cup on stand by for an impromptu channeling session. 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. If you are able to find a Psychic school in the US or Mexico, please tell us! I would love to attend a psychic school!

    1. Hi Emili, I will! I am also planning on piloting google hang out sessions soon. Check out the "Teaching" tab on my blog :-)