Friday, December 6, 2013

Doing, Thinking or Being?

I had a great reading this week at The College of Psychic Studies (Awww, I am going to miss my psychic schools when I move to Mexico next month). I have always considered myself a doer and an (over) thinker. And now that I am a qualified Healer, I assumed that I would do a lot of healings. Busy busy. 

What the reading suggested, however, was that I simply be. Without trying to do anything, and that the healing would happen by proximity. Maybe I give off happy healing vibes (smiling!). I like the idea and it also takes some of the pressure off. 

This Tuesday I will put it in practice. It's my first official day befriending cancer patients at the centre where I practice Reiki. The job description for a befriender is to sit and listen. It's not about doing anything to help (there is only so much you can do or say). We're just there for them. 

Yesterday's readings couldn't have come at a better time. The past few months I have been keen to volunteer as  a Healer but it's about what they need, not what I think I have to offer. And if the client needs me to sit and hold the space, that works for me. 

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