Friday, September 20, 2013

My First Remote Viewing Class!

Yesterday I had my first Remote Viewing class!  It was really cool. We didn't go into the full on protocol or the theory, just a practical exercise. We started with a meditation to open up and protect our energy.  At each step, the tutor affirmed that we are going to achieve our dreams and goals. You are safe, etc. Its good to hear that, especially when I am trying to boost my confidence :-)

Then we took out a blank piece of paper. On the top right corner we wrote our name, the date and our location. This grounds you in the moment and tells the universe what location you are reading from.  Time and space don't really exist the way we perceive them. That is why time flies when you have fun and it drags when you are bored. Also, thanks to Distant Healing and the nature of our energy and attention, its easy to know that you can be one in one spot physically, and somewhere else mentally. 

Next the teacher told us who we were going to read today: the classmate our left. I made a note of her name and then jotted down the time. Again, a marker that serves to situate us in time and space. 

The exercise was simple, unemotional and and easy. We turned our attention to the blank sheet and wrote the classmate's name with the word colors underneath. Then, with the tip of the pen placed firmly on her name I asked, "What are her favourite colours" ... The answer came in a visual, I saw a green and pink pen that I used to have (and loved). The words green and pink kept flashing. I asked if there was anything else and saw a sky in my mind. So I wrote light blue, only to have the word sky blue come to my mind. All along the feeling I got about the exercise was to "run with it." It didn't matter if I got these all wrong. It is just practice. That kept the jitters away.

We moved on to repeat the exercise, asking about their favorite fragrance. I heard the word Jasmine. Is that too obvious, I wondered? Just wrote it down. I, Regina, couldn't remember what Jasmine smelled like anyway so I didn't think I was projecting. Next!

We asked about the music they listened to and the first thing that came to mind was a huge violin. Classical music, loud and crashing. Then the words concerto. I wrote it down even though I thought it might be my imagination. I like classical and instrumental music and recently discovered Lindsey Sterling who I can only describe as inspired. Look up her Phantom of the Opera piece on Youtube.

Next we asked about their favorite foods. What they eat. I kept getting italian: spaghetti and meatballs, even the red and white checkered table cloth that is common in Italian tourist traps. The word buttery also came to mind. I wrote them down. We went on to ask about relationship status, if they had kids, what hobbies they would enjoy and what their dream holiday would be. 

When that was done, we we went through the answers. If it was correct, you put a checkmark. The fact that we got to verify our impressions  there and then was pretty amazing. Especially because we weren't asking emotional or private questions, which can be touchy. Most of us are happy to say, yes, orange is my favorite color and I do not smoke. Etc. 

So I got the colors, the dream holiday, the music, the fragrance, whether they had kids, and the marital status correct (mostly). I was wrong about her smoking. And when it came to food and hobbies, the results were odd. She strongly disliked meatballs and Italian food, though she had lived in Italy so the concept of italian food struck a chord with her.  I tapped into something but I am not sure what. 

Then, the hobby I saw was something she had been very interested in as a child but never pursued. So again, I might have tuned into the past or maybe I was just off. All in all, it was pretty cool. I am pleasantly surprised with Remote Viewing and with the experimental nature of the subject.  

Next week we are going to learn the remote viewing protocol in more detail. I felt less pressure than I do when I am giving a regular reading. Maybe I just need to trust what I get and put it out there. 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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