Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Not sure what comes next ...

I am nervous and restless. The time and energy drain that was my book is behind me. So, what comes next? I have a couple book ideas running through my mind, but the rent has to be paid too. It's time to find a job again. I am also missing the routine of a day job.  

Ideally I want one that involves energy healing. What comes to mind is approaching companies to offer my services as a Reiki or Energy Healer. It can help people relax, ground and be less stressed at work. Maybe its time I leverage some of my acquaintances to get a foot in the door. I may also look for a healing room that I can rent a couple afternoons each week. 

I suppose the question is, what do my guides and angels want me to tackle next? What is the next step on my journey? When I am on that path, things unfold easily. I think healing and cancer will still be a part of what I do, especially as the book has just been out for a week and I feel that I have to tell people about it. Teaching, coaching, volunteering. 

Yesterday I was also helping a friend sort out her personal branding. She works with kids with learning disabilities, and funny enough, she has experience with so many techniques that its hard for her to describe what she does. Essentially, she tailors her approach to fit each individual kid (sounds like a good approach!) We had a good chat about it. I could leverage some of my brand management experience there ... Hmmm, just throwing out a few ideas ;-)

My mom gifted me an astrology chart, think I will email the guy tomorrow to give him my details and to ask about possible next steps on this journey. Will let you know what I hear! 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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