Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paying it Forward

The past few months I have made a shift from worrying about myself to thinking about how I can help others. Whenever I get nervous about my new healing path, the guidance I get is "think about how you can best use your gifts to help others." And that in doing so, my own needs will be taken care of. The first person to tell me this was a friend and fellow healer, Alison from A.M Healing. About a year go, she pulled an angel card for me with that message.

So I have decided to pay it forward. The way I do this is by blogging, writing, sending distant reiki and giving away angel readings on my Facebook Page. Reiki clears, heals and balances mental and emotional imbalances. Angel Readings can help people make sense of their current situation, making it easier to navigate next steps. They also point out blind spots in our consciousness.

With the exception of my published books, the rest of these are free. I do them for fun, because I enjoy readings and reiki. And really I hope it helps (especially the readings, as I am still a student and essentially, all you lovely folks let me practice on you). Yesterday I was thinking about this and I had a visual of a karmic ripples that pay that love, light and goodwill forward.

I will keep sending free reiki and giving away angel readings. If you feel that these have helped you in anyway, please consider donating a few dollars or pounds to the charity of your choice (or better yet, buy a nutritious snack for a homeless man on the street). Kindness, good deeds and sharing make the world a better place, one person at a time. It also means we benefit and then pass that spark of light or healing onto the next person. Let's pay it forward!

If you feel that my angel readings or reiki shares have helped you, please consider donating to a good cause. No pressure to donate and either way, I wont find out lol. If the giving spirit moves you, these are some of the charities and causes that I personally support (financially or vocally):

McMillan Cancer Support (UK) and Community Cancer Centre (West London) : both of these fantastic charities are dedicated to helping patients, families and carers. They offer reliable information and and provide a space for volunteers and survivors to help others through it.

Tufts School of Medicine and CancerResearchUk: both of these facilities do wonderful work in the areas of prevention and treatment. Research is one of the reasons why more and more people are surviving cancer every year. Visit Cancer Research Uk's website for stats on cancer incidence and survival. Survival rates for total cancers are increasing.

One last thing on paying it forward. I have this theory that sharing financially and caring actually brings more mula into our lives. What goes round comes around. Start with a few dollars or pounds and see how it goes. Share with love, gratitude and with the knowledge that no matter how hard you have it, someone else needs it just a little bit more. I would say that fear of lack creates more financial lack and when we overcome that hurdle, abundance will flow.  Just a hunch, lets try it out  :-)

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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