Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Onwards and Upwards

Yesterday I had an amazing healing experience and today I feel like a new person. As if the planets in my birth chart realigned, erasing lifelong hang-ups and giving me a new trampoline to jump from. Yes! The image that comes to mind is Super Mario Bros and the characters bouncing around from one level to the next. I'm feeling bouncy today haha

Last week I tried to give myself a full pardon for anything that I might feel guilty or regretful about. Guilt is a useless emotion. It holds you back and creates pain (punishment) in the body. As a matter of fact, chronic pain is very closely linked to guilt. What matters is that we learn from mistakes and avoid them in the future. Holding onto pain benefits no one. I also wanted to clear the energy of fear and doubt from my system. The past week or so Archangel Michael has been around, telling me to let go and move on. Fear, guilt and doubt were holding me back. 

So yesterday I was giving myself Reiki and sensed a  white light around me. It kept telling me that it didn't blame me for anything, all was forgiven and I just had to accept that and move on. It felt like this white light wanted to give me a clean slate. I had the choice of accepting it or not. And it was hard! Lots of little memories ran through my mind and I could feel their imprint in the body. Forgiving yourself and acknowledging your innocence and inner light is tougher than it seems. But I wasn't going to experience this new dimension of life unless I let go, mentally, emotionally and physically.   

I decided to let it slide (woohoo!). Then I started thinking about the qualities that I wanted to bring into my life instead - what would make it easier for me to find my groove? I asked Archangel Michael and that white light to give me a boost in confidence and in my ability to experience and share joy. Especially in relationships and with friends. More outgoing, less fears holding me back (those had already been wiped clean). Then came a surprise: loads of colours and emotions pouring in and out of my Sacral Chakra.  Felt like Rainbow Brite was having a party in my chakras haha - the rainbow went to all seven chakras.  I've been adjusting to it for the past 24 hours. I think this was the culmination of last week's Reiki Healing Crisis.  =) 


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