Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reading List

These are some of my favorite books on Healing, Intuition and Personal Development. Love to hear your thoughts on them, each of these has been helpful to me 💞💞💞 Reiki hugs, Regina

Energy & Self-Healing Books: 
  • The Essence of Self Healing, by Petrene Soames. This one talks about the psychology of disease, how our thoughts and beliefs make us susceptible to illness, a little bit of visualization to clear energy and also hands on healing. My copy is full of notes and highlights. Its great for anyone, but especially if healing is new for you. No need to be clairvoyant or to channel healing energy. A great self-healing book. 
  • The Power of Healing Prayer, by Richard McAlear. The book focuses on Jesus Christ's healings and how we can replicate them by calling on his Spirit of Unconditional Love. What I like about it is the focus on Love, Compassion and Absolute Certainty as the drivers for healing. With more than three decades of experience as a minister of healing, the author also covers many psychological, emotional and spiritual considerations. This is a lovely book, though it does have a religious spin. Though I have to say that as a non-practicing Catholic, this book makes me want to be Christian more than anything I've heard the past 33 years. =) 
  • Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss. This is a fantastic book. I have heard it referred to as a bible by more healers than I can count. Among other things, it covers the seven chakras and how they each relate to life experiences, diseases and symptoms and relationships. Caroline Myss also explores the connections between the Catholic Sacraments, the Chakras and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Her description paints a picture of life stages and spiritual milestones that we go through from childhood to adulthood. This is a great self-healing book. 
  • You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay. What can I say about this book that hasn't been said? Louise Hay explores the mental and emotional patterns (beliefs) behind illnesses, self-destructive patterns and bad luck in life. She also tells us how we can use affirmations and new beliefs to heal our life. The Law of Attractions meets Healing. Love it! 
  • Hands of Light, by Barbara Brennan - This is a classic for professional energy healers. Her later books are also fantastic, especially Light Emerging (and possibly easier to read). 

Spirituality & Personal Growth:
  • Sacred Contracts, by Caroline Myss. What I love about this book is that it gives you the tools to look at your life and challenges symbolically. Her idea is that we each have 12 archetypes in our personality and they surface in certain situations. For example, everyone has shades of The Victim in their personality though some people are more likely to play the Victim when it comes to finances, or love, etc. Cool stuff. 
  • The Power of Now / A New Earth by Eckart Tolle. Two fantastic books which are great for just about anyone in the west. Essentially Tolle tells you to watch your thoughts, separate from them and find peace in the spaces between. We are not your thoughts, the movie in our mind is a worrisome distraction that takes us away from this wonderful gift of Life. To be transparent, I read the first few chapters of The Power of Now and skipped the exercises, but it still had a profound effect. My New Year's Resolutions for 2013 are based on A New Earth. Both are great, but I loved loved loved A New Earth. 

Intuition & Psychic Development:
  • Ask Your Guides, by Sonia Choquette: Love this book! It got me started. The book teaches you how to tune into your spiritual support network (angels, spirit guides, etc) and how we can ask them for help and guidance. The book starts with angels before moving on to other friendly helpers such as healing and teaching guides and how to strengthen the connection with your Higher Self.  It also covers basic protection so you can open up safely.
  • Psychic Development Simplified, by Nathaniel - This book has everything you need to start opening up and developing your psychic skills. It covers energy management, various visualisation techniques. It is based on the author's experience with psychic development. Nathaniel has been blogging about the topic for years and this book consolidates his experience. To find out more have a look at this book review
  • Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue.  These focus on small things that we can do to heal our daily lives 💕💕💕
  • Guided Meditation for Grounding, Centering and Claiming your Space, by Elliot Jay Tanzer. This meditation goes through the chakras, the aura and how you ground it and claim your gifts and intuition. I listed daily for a few months and still love it. 

2022 Update: I've since published my own books on energy healing, intuition and magick. Check them out in the Bookstore.

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