Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Purpose and Motivation

The past two weeks I've been procrastinating. For whatever reason, I havent been motivated enough to sit down and finish my book. I should be feeling pressure to publish it as I'm leaving my job in a week. This book is one third of my plan; reiki and angel readings the other two thirds. Still, I've been dragging my heels. There are so many changes that I need to make before its ready. The creative phase has passed and it's time to polish, rewrite, expand, clarify, etc. Where do I find the motivation to plough though that?

Today it dawned on me that I have to finish writing it so that people can read it. It is not really about me, and apparently I'm in no rush. This little book on Self-Healing and Cancer could help a lot of people by giving them a different point of view. As well as a healthy dose of optimism and empowerment. Not to mention a good understanding of energy healing, relaxation techniques and different tools that are part of self-healing. I'm feeling motivated again now that I've reconnected with the purpose for this book. 

I am giving myself 21 days to finish! 

Please hold me to it =) 


Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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