Friday, December 7, 2012

Open Night at the Psychic College

Tonight I had a chance to give readings at my psychic school’s Open Night. The event looks like a ton of fun: lots of lectures, taster readings, intuitive healings, etc. I didn't experience much of it, as I was incredibly late and ended up missing most of the lectures that I wanted to hear. What a shame! Got there just in time for the readings.  I was looking forward to it but also a little bit nervous about giving readings on the spot. Have to admit I cheated by pulling three angel cards before I left home. One for each of the three strangers I was going to read for. The cards were incredibly  accurate.  I'm going to keep this up my sleeve for the future.  =) 

The readings went well though I could get to the point faster. I waffled a little bit with one of the messages, and the lady stopped me with a question before I got to the card. Funny thing is  it answered her question and confirmed her intuitive hunch. Love it when that happens! We were also supposed to channel messages from specific Archangels. The angel that shows up can clue you into what the person needs. Healing with Raphael. Direction with Uriel. Courage and strength with Michael. It points you in the right direction. All in all, the evening was nice though short, thanks to my late arrival. Next time I'll have to go early enough to mingle, as I missed a few friends that I wanted to catch up with. 

Tsk tsk tsk ... 

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  1. Hi Geena!

    I have a question for you about grounding. If I don't ground myself will I get dizzy spells occasionally?

    I have always been able to see a slight trace of peoples auras and when I realized what they were I decided to enhance the ability and learn how to sense them and things (a couple of years ago now). So I asked my dad to buy me a book that taught you how to see auras for beginners. The book worked and I learnt how to sense auras using my hands and how to feel each chakra while hovering over it and I also learnt how to see auras properly without having to stare at a wall behind someone for a couple of minutes.

    My dad only believed in auras because of scientific proof and he probably though that me wanting to be psychic was a fleeting interest. I let him think that because my 'friends' already think I'm weird and have distanced themselves from me. It hurts but they aren't true friends if they don't stay by me so I don't really mind that much.

    I suffer occasionally from dizzy spells. One of my 'friends' thinks it's because of a blood sugar problem but I'm not so sure anymore... It started just after I did the first couple of aura exercises. I never knew what grounding was as the book didn't mention much about it, only that you should ground yourself before medititating or going on a spiritual journey. As I wasn't doing any of those things I thought that I didn't need to do it. I was probably wrong though...

    When I get dizzy my feet feel lighter with every step (which is one good thing as it warns me of what's about to happen) and I need to hold onto something to support me. Usually a wall or something like a telegraph pole that is next to me. I usually stay there until I am able to walk forward slowly with the help of the wall/whatever. I usually push up on the thing as I feel really light, like I will float away. Even though that's physically impossible...

    It is quite scary and I get terrified whenever it happens. My dad doesn't believe that I do get dizzy and he thinks I do it because I want days off school. My mum thinks the same and gets angry whenever I say I'm dizzy. I can understand why they get mad... Me getting dizzy happens quite a lot and has resulted in me falling over more than once. I also feel sick when it happens and uncomfortable in my own skin, like I'm there but at the same time not...

    Thanks for reading and sorry it's so long! XD Please can you email me a repy? Thanks! My email is:


    P.S. This isn't really anything to do with the above but... occasionally I hear things... people, if you want to give them a name, saying something. It is almost always my name in a whispered voice. Shall I listen? I try to but I usually get scared when I hear the voice and I think that I might be unintentionally pushing whoever/whatever it is away... Thanks again.

  2. Hi Elanor - To answer your question, if you try any sort of psychic meditations without grounding you will get dizzy. Also, I would suggest that you take it easy as it appears that you're overdoing it.

    If dizziness persists see a doctor as that may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. It would also be a good idea to see a doctor about the whispering etc. In any case, you may consider giving the meditation and psychic work a rest as it appears that you are overdoing it.

    Keep any meditations to under 10 minutes a day, and focus on your breathing, and on you root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. The stronger these are, the easier it will be to open up to intuition without experiencing the side effects that you mention. Its also entirely possible that the whispering you hear is your own mind. I'd suggest seeing a doctor about this if it doesn't go away.

    And please make a habit of grounding and protecting yourself too - very important.

    Love and Light,