Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Do Angels Help Us?

The past couple of days I have had a lot of great ideas for posts! A number of Facebook friends have asked questions about guardian angels: who they are, how angels can help, and if angels really do intervene on our behalf. Rather than answer on Facebook, I'm going to write a series of posts on angelic guidance and help. I'm still working through some of the ideas. Here is a sneak preview:
  • Do guardian angels fall asleep on the job? Otherwise, why do bad things happen to good people? I have a few thoughts on this, though I don't pretend to have all the answers. As a matter of fact, please share your thoughts and I'll debate it in the post. 
  • How can we make our guardian angel's job easier? How would one go about asking for help. Also pitfalls to avoid, as its relatively easy to ask them for help and then refuse it.
  • Can we enlist the angels as project managers in our daily life?  I could be so much more productive if I split my To Do list in half, and let the angels take care of a good chunk.  =)
Angels can be very helpful when it comes to guidance, protection and taking a load of our shoulders. We need to ask for help, and work with the angels to make it come about. It's about teamwork.

UPDATE! I recently published an article with OM Times Magazine: 7 Ways to Make your Guardian Angel's Job Easier! 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Ooooh good topic :-) the "Do guardian angels fall asleep on the job?" is the interesting bit for me.

    We talked a lot about protection at the energy healing workshop I taught. It's a really popular way of protection to ask the angels/archangels to keep you safe from negativity. But, it doesn't always seem to work.

    There's some kind of paradox or contradiction... Cos we all know that when we ask them for help, the higher beings respond, but we also all know that when you say "Please protect me, now, and for ever" it doesn't work, because you have to ask again (and again, and again, and again) every time you need help with protection.

    My perspective is that receiving angelic help is more about attunement than verbal permission. Verbal permission is part of it, but you need to practice deep surrender and trust, and also be very willing to let help arrive. That's easier said than done, because of the subconscious sabotaging motivations that most of us have (and can't easily work with, cos they're subconscious :-P )

    So I think when someone deliberately asks for angelic help, they temporarily attune themselves to the angelic kingdom and energies, which means they can interact with and receive those energies. But it's like grounding: as soon as your mind darts back to other things, you can loose that attunement. That's why it's more of a path of a development (of connecting to and receiving support from the angelic realm, in this case) as well as something you can do in the moment.

    That's my two cents ;-)

    1. Hi! I agree with you there ... I think its part of a daily "getting to know your angels" task that we all need to undertake. I think they can protect us, and point us in the right direction but we have to be open to it.

      Someone once told me "they can't save us from ourselves" if we're intent on ignoring them LOL

      Sometimes the angel is there to pick you up after you fall too ...

    2. I was thinking about your blog and reply about receiving help... then I had the thought: one of the biggest reasons why we don't let ourselves receive full help is the belief "I have to do it all myself". I think that's quite a pervasive belief...! I know I've got it fairly strongly (I don't like to delegate, lol)


    3. Hi! Funny you should mention it ... I have that "I can do it" engrained a little too much. Its nice to receive help though, as I've discovered, and you can get a lot more done with less energy-expense =)