Friday, September 28, 2012

Color Healing and Shopping!

This morning I woke up at 9.30 am stressed because it was late. I don't know what's wrong with me! I think it is the pressure. I want to get by book edited as soon as possible, but it’s finally starting to dawn on me that I shouldn’t be in such a hurry. I am almost done, and I should be ready to publish the book before January. So instead of sitting down to work, I went shopping. Yes, shopping! Sometimes a girl needs to buy new clothes. It has been cold in London, and my winter clothes are worn out. That is what happens when I shop at H&M and Zara.  Clothes don't last as long as they used to. Time to get new sweaters and long sleeve T's. I went to Uniqlo and spend 20 minutes trying on jackets in different colours. Blue is usually my colour, but the one I saw today was dark. I need some colour in my life! I finally settled on brown, which is great for grounding, and made my way to the checkout counter. 

On my way out, I spotted the same jacket in pale blue and in white. I don't know how I missed them! Thirty seconds later I was trying them on in front of the mirror. Light and bright colours make me feel so much better than dark ones. Ever since I moved to London my wardrobe has gone navy, gray and black. It's time I put a stop to that. Today I realised that I can practice colour healing when I go shopping, especially if I go into a store with the same things in millions of different colours. What is colour healing, you may ask? Colour and sound both have vibrational qualities that we can use to give our frequency a tune up. Red grounds and activates my energy. White and silver clear and raise my vibration. They can also protect me, as does the colour purple. I love purple, green, red and white. Those are the colours I should be wearing. Pale blue has a healing quality to it. I don't relate to orange and yellow. A couple years ago, a substitute teacher came to my psychic development class with a pile of ribbons. He threw them on a pile in the middle of the floor and told us to choose the one that we were drawn to. I went for violet. We then used the colours to give each other psychic readings. One of my classmates picked a bright red ribbon, and when I tuned it, I saw a lollipop. It was about her childish appetite for life. My violet ribbon was about my crown chakra opening up to intuition and spirit. 

Colour Healing may be about using the vibrational quality of colour to heal our energy system, but it can also tell you a lot about yourself. Ask yourself what you see in a particular colour. How does it make you feel? I think this is why some people talk about being "green with envy" or "feeling blue". We can relate to the intuitive world of feelings through colours  Today I'm pale blue. Tomorrow I might leave the house wearing red or black. Black can be elegant, and it can also help camouflage your feelings. It's black, but not dark. I love walking into a store and finding clothes that come in zillions of colours. Today I went back to the sales desk and exchanged the jacket. It shouldn't have been necessary to try them on so many times, but I had to feel it to make the choice. I hope its cold this weekend!


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  1. I am a bright pink girl! My room is fuschia and orange (my partners color) Color is me! I wear color every day! You very rarely see me in black or grey! If I feel like green I might feel like that green for a few days so sometimes can be a bit of trouble as I might to have to wear the same thing or look for the same color top :) Specialy in grey days I have to wear bright colors. I don't do red tough. I like my pink, greens, purples, browns... And lately bright blue roo. Yes I believe in color healing it works. So come girl stop being so :) English in black and grey and bring some Latin passion with color to your life! ;) you will never retreat it! lol xxx

    1. Yes I know! I need to wear colors more often. Will start sneaking em into my wardrobe. Slowly slowly. I do have a bright yellow purse that I really like =)