Monday, August 6, 2012

What do I believe in? Good Question!

Yesterday someone asked me if I believed in Christ. Hmmm, what a loaded question! I do believe in Jesus. I've even asked for help in my healings, usually if there was an actual physical symptom or disease that I wanted to disapparate. It worked. It might be too much to bring him into every healing. It depends on what the client needs in the healing and what they are ready for. 

Most of my clients so far have had Angels and Spirit Guides drop in during the healing sessions. The visitor will add to the healing energy and make it more powerful. So far I've only had Ascended Masters with one client, and it was because they were in the process of raising their vibration rapidly. Not because they were sick .... 

So what is the difference between them, you might ask? 
  • Ascended Masters + Deities are Old Souls who have reached the end of their spiritual evolution, we tend to identify them by their most transcendental incarnation. You will have heard of many of these, and in some cultures they are regarded as Gods, goddesses or teachers. To name a few we have Buddha, the Virgin Mary, Quan Yin. A lot of people would put deity's like Lord Ganesh here, as well as pagan Goddesses like Isis. This classification can be controversial. Some people would put Jesus in this group. Christians  wouldn't, I imagine. The concept of Ascension is present in Catholicism through Mother Mary. 
  • Saints are spiritual people who have been deemed saints by the Catholic Church. In some cases they were also martyrs. To qualify they need to have lived an exemplary life and then they have to perform miracles "from the grave" that can be proven by the Catholic Church. In many Catholic countries people will ask Saints for favours and miracles. In Mexico you'll see statues of Saints with ribbons for every favour they've granted, usually of a miraculous kind.  My experience of Saints is defined by my up-bringing in Roman Catholic Mexico. 
  • Spirit Guides are between lives and they usually take a break of a hundred years or so to guide the rest of us through the process. They will open doors for you and throw signs at you so that when you suddenly feel inspired to go to med school, its because they have been throwing medical things in your direction. They will usually have lots of experience in a skill or profession that we need to develop in this life. We can have many Guides in the course of our life. New ones come along when we are ready for new lessons. I have three guides now, one for magical things including healing and one for business. 
  • Angels are beings that were never human. They are real, we have guardian angels charged to look after humans, cities, countries, the planet, etc. There are also Archangels who are strangely enough very grounding and action oriented. A little bit scary the 1st time you meet them. I really like working with Archangel Michael and Raphael in my healings. I tend to see them as fractured light and colour and they are massive. Archangel Readings are pretty awesome and they tend to be no-nonsense with the advice they give. Loving but firm. 

I think my Catholic background made it that much easier for me to buy into the idea of Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. If you ask me I would guess that on the spiritual ladder, Spirit Guides may or may not be trumped by Saints, and both of them are trumped by Ascended Masters. I'm not sure where I would place the angels, they feel like they are on a higher vibrational level altogether. I like Archangels for healings. In meditations I'd rather talk to my Guardian Angels though the Archangels are good for direction with big life changes. Uriel started popping up three weeks ago and now I've turned my life upside down! 

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