Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Manifesting with "Our Father"

The past few months I've been asking for help with manifestation. I have a vision of what I want my life to look like but the question is how do I get there? I am also aware of blocks that need to go and I'd been asking for help with releasing those. 

A few examples:  
  • Self-doubt.  Can I really do this? 
  • Fears about cash flow now that I'm starting my business. 
  • I'm holding a grudge that I need to let go of. 
Today I was walking home from work and The Lords Prayer popped into my mind. I was surprised because I haven't been a practicing Catholic for 10 years! Still I decided to go with it, after all, Jesus was a healer and a miracle worker. I sometimes ask for help in my healings and I'm drawn to building that connection again. Haven't felt it since I was seven.

The prayer ran through my mind a couple times before I started paying attention. And then it just clicked. The combination of phrases is perfectly designed to set our intent, release blocks and draw on manifesting currents in the universe. 

Salutation:  Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. 

This phrase takes our Intent to the highest source of Energy, which is necessary if we want to heal or transform a part of our life. It is also useful if you want to call on Divine Intervention.  Literally. 

Manifestation Part 1:   Thy Kingdom Come

I learned the Our Father in Spanish and English and this particular phrase works much better for me in Spanish. The literal translation is "Your Kingdom Comes to Us" which I understand as God's Kingdom is moved from Heaven to Earth so that we can experience it down here. I am 100% conscious of the fact that Jesus preached the opposite, but I do think this is really interesting if we link it back to the manifesting current that we learned about at the School of Intuition & Healing. The theory is that we each have two energetic currents connecting us to heaven and earth. 

Visualize two beams of light running through your body, one goes from the earth upwards, the other goes from heaven downwards. 
  • Manifesting Current:  This one runs down from the Heavens through your body and into the ground. If you have a strong manifesting current it means you will be able to use what we traditionally call magic and create real life situation with your will power and intent. That energetic current is out there but its up to us to harness it. 
  • Spiritual Current:  This current pulls us upwards, connecting us with the spiritual world. I would imagine most mystics, spiritual junkies and psychics have strong spiritual currents. It is really easy for us to connect to those other dimensions. The challenge for Spiritually oriented people is grounding themselves and living in the now. I have a strong Spiritual Current, but my Manifesting Current could be a lot stronger. 

When I hear the words "Your Kingdom Come" the image that pops into my mind is this manifesting current bringing all of that miracle potential down to earth so that we can transform things. Think of the possibilities! This is where real magic happens. 

Manifesting 2:  Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven

In energy healing we have this concept of Highest Good which means that there is a plan for each of us. The plan includes ups and down, success, failure, health, illness. One of my Facebook likers said something brilliant today about our "challenges" being our growth opportunities in this life. The way we react to our life lessons is part of our spiritual growth. When we accept the fact that there is a divine plan things start to fall into place. And we can see things for what they are - stepping stones. 

This line is about living in alignment with our highest good and trusting. It is tough to manifest without trusting the process. Being in resistance keeps good things from coming our way. It also keeps us from learning our lessons and moving on. 

Abundance:    Give us this day our daily bread

This is about being taken care of from a survival point of view. Cash flow issues, be gone! There is also the question of spiritual nourishment in that bread. 

Health: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

I'm not sure why I've called this one health. Maybe its because holding grudges throws the body out of balance. One of the things I've started to notice in my healing sessions is how people hold the energy of anger, resentment and betrayal in their organs. I have felt this in the veins, the heart, the pancreas, the stomach, the intestines and the liver. A man came into the healing clinic with high blood pressure and I could feel his blood boiling with pent up anger. He was on medication for blood pressure and we referred him to a nearby medical clinic. Some people need to learn to relax and let things slide like water off a duck's back. Seriously. 

Forgiving releases that toxic energy from our body. You do yourself a favour when you forgive yourself and others. The hard part is actually forgiving them and I like the fact that its included. 

Maintain Your Vibration:  Lead us not into temptation

Again I prefer the Spanish version which reads free us from temptation. Freedom is something we can all relate to and in this case it means freedom from the pull of the ego, whatever form it takes. 

I am going to us an example with no religious connotation: drinking water instead of drinking soft drinks keeps my energy clear. My intuition and my ability to channel healing energy is stronger. I love chocolate and coffee and I used to crave soft drinks. Now I feel sick when I see a bottle of the brown stuff. Freedom!

The ego is a about a lot more than cola or food choices. It includes things like procrastination, self-doubt, self-defeating tendencies and patterns. Every single time you wimp out of facing a fear, that is the voice of the ego telling you to run. Temptation is about taking the easy way out and ending up in the wrong place. Or going overboard with something that wouldn't be harmful in moderation.  

Protection:  Deliver us from evil

I prefer the Spanish version which says free us from all things badThe word evil is a cliché. It has been overused; I think its more important to ground yourself in love and focus on feeling protected. To me this line is about feeling safe, protected and impervious to things like jealousy, spite, ill will, and any spiritual or energetic baddies. 

Sign Off:  Amen!

This phrase translates to So Be It. Funny enough most of the spells I've seen end with the phrase So Mote It Be which is very similar! My theory is that the ending seals the Intent. 

I would love to hear your thoughts! This one took me by surprise. 

Love & Light, 



Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angels, tarot and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as a Healer at the School of Intuition & Healing. Blogging since 2010, Regina's passion is bringing the qualities of love, joy and empowerment to healing pursuits. 

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  1. Lots to think about - thank you!

  2. I thought your connection make sense, I believe you had a moment of enlightment inspiration :) And yes I think it can be well uses for what you saying without the church background. I prefer the version in Portuguese too :)
    Before I give healing I tend to say something I learn in church too that goes like: 'Senhor Deus Pai todo o poderoso, creador do céu e da terra, de todas as coisas visiveis e invisiveis eu te peço...'- 'Lord God the Father all powerful, creator of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible I ask...' I love the bit that he creates the visible and the invisible things that always made so much sense to me :) Thanks for all your writing and inspiration :) Love and light to you. xxx

    1. Hi Maria,

      Love your point about visible and invisible, so relevant as I'm loving all of the "invisible" creations.

      In Spanish we also say "de todo lo visible y lo invisible." Funny how this post has turned into a Spanish/Portuguese lesson, but the truth is so much can be gained or lost in translation.

      Love and Light to you as well,


  3. I think it's so cool when those things happen. When things like that come out of the blue and pop into your head! I sometimes have songs that come to my from when I was in catholic school. When that does happen, I look around and wonder where it came from. I always think it's from the angels.
    The "Our Father" or "Padre Nuestro" came to your head Gina. Awesome. It makes me happy to hear this. I was smiling about one of the comments you made about thinking you might be "nutso" after having received this lovely message from God. Just thinking about the prayer right at this moment makes me feel so close to HIM. (let me take a breath). I don't know much about energetic currents and such. I'm wondering if what you mean is like a circle. Like the circle of life. Meaning we are all connected. I guess some will choose to try and get out of the circle and make things go off balance for others, if we let them. Now, forgiveness. It's interesting that this is brought up at this time. It hasn't been the first time today either. It was meant for me to receive this message through you girl! I believe or believed that I had forgiven people from my past. I'm stuck at this point. Hmmm. (It's funny cause some of my catholic upbringing made me feel so guilty for years and years and at my age of 21 (mentally) actually I'm 51, I'm just barely releasing the end of that guilt.Things take time and some people want instant results or gratification just like a baby. Doesn't work that way!!) So, I never really forgave myself for what I did in my past. I mean I tried but It wasn't easy Not at all!!! So, I think I will say that I have to forgive myself in order to Love myself. I also have forgiven other people (I'm way easier with others than with myself) What I WILL do now is now release it.....let it go...I will pretend I'm that duck!! I need to lighten up a bit I know. ........Ego....well that can mess so much with your head!! It can be very toxic. I'm so tired of being toxic. It's such a waste of life. I'm feeling like I'm writing a chapter now but this was really interesting and spiritually cleansing for me. I also like the spanish version where it says Libranos del mal and not deliver us from evil. Protection!! Love it Gina!! So be it!! I really want to thank you for this Gina. I pray that God will continue his work through you. Amen.

  4. It makes good sense!! :-)

    There's a bit in Sonia Choquette's "Diary of a Psychic" where she's being mentored by the dude (I forget his name) and he explains the Lord's Prayer is also a way of opening the 7 chakras..


    1. Hi Justin, Interesting! I'm going to check it out, love Sonia's books but I haven't read that one.

      I've been reading The Power of Your Spirit and it talks about aligning with your Spirit, which is often outside our comfort zone. Whenever I started to doubt my career-leap that book popped into my mind. And now here I am =)

  5. I have been including the Lord's Prayer, with my daily prayers for years now, and I too am no longer a practicing catholic. I never could understand why I was doing it, other than telling myself that I still believed in the "teachings" of Jesus, just have become a non-believer in the Roman Catholic Church made by man, so why should I reject ALL I had learned. This prayer gave me comfort...period. Your interpretation has helped me understand why I feel the way I do. I have come to believe I am an Empath, and researching more about this. Your site has been extremely useful to me. Thank you so much!