Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is PMS a Reflection of the Inner Feminine?

Today one of my case studies came in to the healing session with PMS and then she left without it! Was a great experience. I didn't expect that to happen, but we always ask how our case studies feel before and after an energy healing session. The cramps and bloating that come at that time of the month can be a complete pain in arse, and there is often the emotional overhaul that comes with it. I have done self-Reiki to try and ease my own PMS and I feel it is creating a shift in my feminine energy. 

What is the secret? In my case, it has been to accept all aspects of womanhood, PMS included, and stop fighting myself! And a little crystal healing too =) 
  • When I lived in Mexico, I had crystal healing a couple times and it seemed to help with PMS and with other hormonal imbalances. I have a history of DVT and my doctors advise against conventional treatments for PMS. So I saw a crystal healer instead, and it helped more than I thought it would. After a few sessions my cramps subsided and I stopped breaking out. Can't really tell you much about the session. I used to lie down on a cot and she would cover my fully-clothed body with tiny crystals and tap her fingers on different parts of my body. I don't remember much more, or how it worked.  
  • A couple months ago I started getting stronger cramps and I sat down to work on myself. At first a normal energy healing, then I decided to reach for a pendulum and let it swing over my sacral chakra until it was done clearing it. I didn't really learn this in class, I just asked the pendulum to swing one way for "clear mode" and another way for "healing mode" ... It swung in "healing mode' over both my sacral and root chakra for what felt like ages! At the end I was tired from holding the pendulum, but it helped a LOT with the cramps. 
  • A few months later I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I really do swear by that book! It links physical symptoms and illnesses back to certain emotional and behavioural patterns. What it says about PMS and cramps is really interesting - PMS is due to us rejecting the process of the female body. It makes sense, when I was a teenager I would hate getting my period (who doesn't) and I would always think what a crappy system - can't nature do better than that? My attitude was always one of dread and dislike and I have been passing that stress onto my organs. Up until recently they felt unappreciated. Since then I have been sending my reproductive organs love and thanking them for doing a good job and for being healthy. Now that I welcome the process it has been easier, with less discomfort all round.
I don't explain this when a woman comes in and mentions that she has PMS and cramps, it would be odd if I suggest they speak to their organs. Instead I used a rose quartz wand, a quartz pendulum and a carnelian stone to clear the energy, heal it and then channel warm loving energy and positive feelings into their sacral chakras and the uterus, ovaries, etc etc etc. At first my hands could feel a little pain on the palms when I worked on the sacral, and after a while it cleared. I also worked on grounding out any excess energy and filling their core, their sacral and their grounding cords with rose quartz energy. 

One Last Point - I use complementary therapies everyday hoping that when that time of the month comes, I'll be OK. But if I do have PMS that month, I still take an OTC product. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

Energy Healing & Reiki are complementary to medical care, not alternative. Consult a doctor if you have symptoms; they will be able to advise on available treatments.  

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