Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Brush with Unicorns!

The past year or so I have been feeling this funny niggling feeling on my nose, something sweeps up and down from the tip to the center of my eyes. It feels like an energetic feather but I can never see anything there. A few times I've felt criss-cross on my brow chakra, right between the eyes. It also felt really nice, like a massage so I wasn't too stressed about what it might be. In the back of my mind I always thought it was a playful little animal spirit of some sort. Or a goblin but that was back in my Harry Potter days!

Well a few months ago I felt the exact same thing during a unicorn meditation in school. You heard me! Unicorns! It was fun, unicorns are magical, inspirational and they also use their horns for healing.  I have had a nice silvery-white unicorn following me around and pointing its magical energy at my face for the past year or so.  It's a very friendly way to say hello, almost like they are rubbing our noses or foreheads. It feels a little bit horsey, but almost like I'm the horse and the unicorn is rubbing my nose. Those of you who have been on my Facebook Page a lot lately noticed the nice new unicorn cards I've been using to give mini-readings during the week. I think this is why I'm so into the unicorn cards, and it might also be why the cards are so very accurate! The ones I use on my Page are actually an electronic iPod version, and it never ceases to surprise me when the card is relevant. Even so, I tend to base my readings on the feelings I get when I see the card, even if it doesn't fit the description. Those are usually the most accurate readings ... 

Every now and then I'll ask them to come say hello and rub my nose. Clairsentience has got to be one of the coolest psychic senses. Clairvoyance is the most fun, but actually feeling something makes the whole experience very tangible. Especially during healing sessions. Sometimes I will get clients that are new to all this despite the fact that they have psychic tendencies. On two occasions I've had new clients who were very surprised when they could feel everything that happened during the healing session. Sometimes they'll feel the prickly sensation of the healing energy, they can also feel their pulse in different parts of their body. Most people feel it when I'm grounding them, but the clairsentient ones feel a "WHOOOSH" going down their body and out their feet. 
You might be wondering if I really believe in unicorns, and if they actually exist? What I've heard is that our collective consciousness  has created mythical creatures in another dimension. Not sure if I would go so far as to call them a thought form, but that could be the case. I really have no clue but these are my best guesses. Either way, unicorns are said to be very spiritual healing beings, and it is a lot of fun to meditate with unicorns and ask them for messages. That could be through a card, but you could also practice sitting in silence and asking one to come to you. Let me know how it goes! 

For those of you who are new to this - a vivid imagination comes in handy! I like to "suspend disbelief" as my high school Lit teacher used to call it. 

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  1. I don't think i would have become so interested in healing etc unless I would have found your posts on Memories of the Soul and came here. For two days straight I read through this whole blog and have learned so much. Thank-you for your interesting and very informative posts! How neat that my guides sent me here :)

  2. Mythical creatures created by humans collective unconsciousness. Or could it be that mythical beings are from parallel dimensions? Or that Dragons are memories from Dinorsaurs? If we did create these beings, who are so unhuman what does that make us? How much of time and consciousness in fact nature not made of edges, lines and linear? In Malidome Some's autobio Of Water and Spirit he shares how an indigenous people in Africa he knew were shown the TV series Star Trek and experienced this as a living reality. As one may ponder the question of what is reality, what is true, what or who creates. I am left with the thought of how important it is for me to remain open and curious. That intelligence does not just sit in the mind and the ego. But also beats in the heart. Is felt. Lastly, your experiences of clairsentience is lovely! As a 'trainee' Healer...think I will always be learning!...this clair I find very intense and unfortunately sometimes rather unpleasant if picking up another's dis-ease or discomfort! I am sooo enjoying your blog. Thank you :o)

  3. @ Emily - Thank you so much for your kind comments! I am really glad you found the page as well, can't wait to hear all about your adventures =)

    @ Silver Fox: Great post! I have wondered if Dragons/Unicorns, etc are from another dimension. I would like to see them in this one, as long as they don't breathe fire on me hahah ... 1/2 kidding

    It is fun to ponder the question of what is real, what is our imagination and what ALL of that means for us. Love & Light! Geena

  4. They came from somewhere - and as most psychics/healers/light-workers/energy-workers etc. know...there is much to this existence this universe that the eye cannot see...when someone says unicorn, or dragon for that matter or fairy etc...we all get a picture in our mind, so yes they exist, but where if not just in our mind...and where is that !?!?! lol
    I'be been recently wondering about this myself, after getting a good grasp of angels, this has been contemplation.