Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to deal with a blocked healing hand?

A couple weeks ago a classmate told us she kept getting burning sensations between her palms and elbows when she was healing, the teachers told her she had blocked chakras in her palms and that the energy was accumulating. She had it cleared and that was it.

Yesterday I had a similar sensation in my arms when I was healing one of my case studies, I hadn't even stepped into her aura and already I felt a strong rush of energy down my right arm. The left arm took longer to "turn on", I then stepped into her auric field (after grounding, protecting, attuning and asking for permission to heal her).

When I put my hands on her shoulders everything was fine, moving on to her crown I used my left hand and didn't notice much, if only a strong tingling on my right hand. By the time I got to her brow and her throat I felt shooting pain in my right palm. I stepped back and just held the energy in her auric field, I couldn't quite step in because I felt that pain in my right hand.

After a couple minutes I tried again and stepped in to work on her heart chakra. Placing both my hands on her heart chakra, I felt the pained sensation in my right palm and then both of my hands started to get very warm. I could feel energy filling my hands, forearms, and then rushing up toward my elbows. Mind you she was lying on a yoga mat on the floor, and I was standing next her. I am nearly 1.78 cm tall (5'10 for my American friends), so my hands were more than five feet from her physical body all along.

On occassions like this I have heard my classmates say they will hold the energy because they are unable to do any healing, and instead ask their spirit guides or angels to come in and do the healing. I always ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to sit in on any healings for my benefit and the clients, so I stepped back and let them clear and heal her energy as I couldn't.

When that was done the energy shifted to the rose quartzy feel that I often get from angelic healings, and I came back into her auric field to ground her and to close her down. Needless to say it was a very interesting session, and I liked taking that back seat and letting the angels to the work. After the session I cleared the client's energy with my Alaskan Essences Protection and Space Clearing spray (flower essences!) And did the same for myself and my flat.

So off she went and then I sat down to clear the energy in my arm, once again asking the angels to pitch in and help. Throughout I felt lots of energy going back and forth between my forearm and my palms, with actual muscle soreness in my elbow. Even now my arm feels like I played a lot of Nintendo/Tenis, but the chakra is cleared and I can feel the energy flowing again. During the healing I wasn't sure what was happening, think some of the energy might have been too much for me to clear from the client and then having my strong healing arm out of whack didn't help much.

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