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Healing School Assignment - Keep a Journal

This term we had a written assignment at the School of Intuition & Healing, to keep a healing journal: How do you feel? How are your case studies? Is it influencing or shaping your life? Lucky for me, I've been blogging all along and it makes it easier. I did like the snippet format though, it was fun to write. 


Entry 1:   I had to take the afternoon off , I was feeling ill and I started feeling  hot flashes and nausea when I was sitting at my desk. And sweaty palms, ick! One of the things I have noticed is that when I fall ill, I can feel the symptoms in my aura. The 1st time that happened I had a fever and a headache, and I could feel it in the space around my head. It was uncomfortable and oddly interesting at the same time.

Entry 2: It was a friend’s birthday on Saturday, we had our healing class the next day so even though I went out I didn’t stay late. Was home by 12 and I fell asleep really quickly. The next day I was really surprised though, I felt completely drained and hung over even though I only had one and a half drinks. Granted, one of them was a foot long mojito but it was full of ice. I’m not a big drinker and I hadn’t had anything in a few weeks, the change took me by surprise. I was really thirsty when I woke up the next morning and by the time I got to the School I had already finished off a 750 ml bottle of water.

I was really sleep and groggy and dehydrated all morning, when we were supposed to be learning chord cuttings I had a really tough time sensing anything. Completely off my game. It was a surprise. From now on I’m going to stay away from liquor the day before classes, and if I am due to heal anyone in the morning. The by time the evening came around I was fine. I think this might be a combination of turning 30 a year ago, and also doing so much energy work.

Entry 3:  Anatomy and Physiology are not my strong side! I enjoy A&P when I finally sit down and start coloring my diagrams. It's the discipline that I'm lacking these days! I’ve put too much on my plate: healing school, psychic school, anatomy class, Facebook Page, the books I'm not writing, and my social/personal life. Oh, and my day job! - Too Much! I like my job and I "need" it but I am less attached to it than I am attached to my extra-curricular activities. What wouldn't I give for a hefty book deal? LOL

Entry 4: Ever since I started working with so many different clients I find that I am less judgmental of people, or at least I try to be. It opens your eyes to this idea that we are all different, flawed and perfect in our own way. You never know what is going on in the background when someone acts out.

Entry 5: A couple days ago I was talking to my line manager at work, we’re in an open plan office and there are about 60 other people on the floor. I can’t remember what the conversation was about, but I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my throat and it instantly turned into a sore throat. The sensation was really weird; I had been feeling perfect before then. It really felt like it just hit me.  One of my colleagues always tells me my voice is too loud and that it carries. I wonder if someone was thinking “Will she please shut up?”  I wonder if someone sent it my way?

Entry 6:  The past few months I have missed having spare time, and wish we had less homework  =)

Entry 7:  I’m not sure if this is directly a result of the healing course, I’ve always been interested in flower remedies and I started playing around with them a few weeks ago. I really like Bach Flowers, I’ve been taking Clematis to be more grounded and Mimulus to cut down on the worrying (stressful job!).  It has worked really well so far, I feel a lot more relaxed and happy and carefree. And more in the moment although I still tend to daydream a lot.  The flower remedies were suggested in one of my psychic development courses. It has made a big difference.

Entry 8:  I've been centering from the heart for the past few days, and it makes a huge difference. I feel calm and unshakeable. It also strengthens my intuition and my feelings that something is right or wrong (or good/bad for me). Still a new practice, I tend to spend more time in my head thinking and worrying about things. It helps to be a little less analytical sometimes!

Entry 9:  One of the things I’ve noticed is that people at work are pleasantly surprised when I tell them I am doing this course. They think it is funny because I am very analytical and “straight to business”. And then most of them tell me they have a friend/cousin/girlfriend etc who practices Reiki. Or that they have had Reiki done. A couple people have also asked me more questions and they’ve admitted to being intuitive, even though they might not explore that side. Most of my case studies are from work.

Entry 10:  Working with so many case studies has helped me improve my client management skills, setting boundaries and being more responsible and confident in the way I communicate with them. I'm trying to apply this to my work life as well, I feel more confident in my healing practice. The angels help with that, especially Archangel Michael.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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