Monday, September 5, 2011

Feeling Energy Currents

Today I carried out an impromptu healing on a friend. I  haven't done many over the summer holiday. It was really cool because I still remember the things we learned the last school year though I did draw a  blank balancing chakra pairs, what chakra was the solar plexus paired with? LOL! I will have to check my notes before we go back to class in two weeks! 

The teachers pay attention to make sure we're doing things properly. And it is easy to forget some of the technical details, especially if we're expected to do things in a particular order. At home it doesn't matter as much, what I work on in my case studies is the intuitive side and just learning to read and channel energy. All in all it was a good session though, I'm excited to get back into the swing of things!

I've never had a session that goes the way I expected it to. This one was a surprise because I found myself feeling the energy currents in her body, rather than seeing them clairvoyantly.  It happened when I was checking the flow of energy in her healing meridian. We learned about this current of energy in my last class, it runs up your right leg to your shoulder, crosses the clavicle to the left shoulder and then goes down again. I've only worked with it a few times so far, I've always seen it as a wire of white light that runs through the clients body. In the past, I would notice dark patches where the light was off, and instead I got a brown wire. We are supposed to look for these spots, tune into them and ask what it's about. 

Sometimes that dark patch will correspond to an organ that needs healing, and the lack of energy is a signal for the healer to stop and listen. In the past I've noticed tiny breaks at the throat, a faded patch down the left abdomen, or even in the legs. Today I couldn't actually see the light, instead I found myself shooting energy up my client's right leg and following it clairsentiently as it made it's way up, across and then down her body. It was almost like a fountain or a straw, and I was using my force to propel it. I then noticed that the energy slowed down a little bit on the left side of her ribcage and walked over to tune in. Her pancreas was full of energy and I gave it healing before going back to the meridian and reestablishing the flow of energy. 

It only now dawned on me that I felt the energy in a different way, and very much used my intent to channel a stream of energy through the meridian. It was pretty cool, the "feeling" energy was very light and watery so I'm guessing it should also be refreshing for the client. All in all a very good day!  =)

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Reiki hugs, Regina