Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Energy in our Food

Twice this month I have left food on my plate because I get a bad feeling about how the "food" was killed. And I am not talking about potatoes so if you're still into meat you might want to skip this post :-)

A couple weeks ago I was having a lunch with colleagues at a nice hotel in London. The food looked amazing, it was laid out brunch style and there were 4-5 really appetizing main dishes. I was actually excited, the food in our cafeteria can be depressing and repetitive. After two years eating the same cafeteria food I only look forward to Fish & Chip Fridays. Seriously.

So I took advantage and served myself to a nice medallion steak, italian salad and these cute little salmon cakes. Most of the guys at the table went for the steak as well. It looked really juicy and my mouth literally watered when I picked up the fork. Unfortunately, as soon as I put it in my mouth I went a little bit queasy and the taste went stale (gross).

No one else reacted that way, I asked my colleagues if their meals tasted funny they all said it was good. What happened next was odd, I looked back at my plate and suddenly I sensed the cow's energy. I got the impression that the animal was distressed when they killed it. It really grossed me out.

Today a similar thing happened, and I got to thinking about whether or not I want to be vegetarian. The problem with being vegetarian is that I really like meat, I am a huge fan of sushi and I can't live without Nando's chicken. And then, I've only had this energy queasiness 3-4 times this year, so not all animal meat is bad. I'm still struggling with this one, as you can see. 

Today I considered going kosher so hopefully I will avoid those distressed meats. It's interesting to think how food is energy, and the responsible and kind sourcing of that food preserves its positive energy.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. A lesson of spiritual development I have for you. When you will feel that you should become vegetarian, do this. When you will feel you no longer like to eat meat, follow your feelings. But when you will be vegetarian and you will feel you need meat for dinner today, eat meat. Your body knows what you need.

    Switching to vegetarianism only because it's more spiritual or you don't like the energies of the meat is a little bit New Age :). The truth is - vegetarianism comes with spiritual development, and you simple know it's time to switch. Don't force it - because as long as you like meat, you should eat meat.

  2. Are you vegeterian? I do still like meat most of the time and I eat something not-veggie everyday.

    The problem I've had is that on a few occasions, the impressions I get from the food have really grossed me out.

    Anyhoooo, what was that New Age comment lol???


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  3. Geena, I'm dealing with that too. I've tried but I always return to meat. Guess Nathan is giving us the right answer, but I'm still not ready to stop trying.

  4. Me neither, but I think I will try scanning the meat before I put it on my dish next time. The problem is that sometimes I won't notice till it's already in my mouth lol

    Was also thinking that maybe the food was just bad, and it would have made me sick if I'd eaten it?

  5. I had the same problem and I Learned eventually that if you pray for the food (thank God for the food, thank the animal for his sacrifice, thank him for nursing your body and your familys body) it's edible again.. it won't taste grows anymore... sometimes when I cook and I'm making a resapy I will bless the meat as a whole and pray as I prepare it and cut it and what not... hope this helps.

    1. Hi! Thank you for the comment =) I have been reiki-ing my food under the table before eating it and that helped a lot, though eventually I did become mostly vegetarian. Whether it is meat or veggies, it helps to say thanks xoxo