Thursday, September 30, 2010

Golden Sun Healing

Guides, thank you for that wonderful sun healing, I had't remembered to try that and my emotions & bottled up energies have been getting the best of me for the past few days. I was also starting to accumulate and attract a bit of stress and sadness, and worry abou not getting things done. 

What I had liked most about this week was that I was super relaxed on Monday and Tuesday, very calm and centered. I also expected the beginning of the week to be tougher, but on wednesday night i started stressing out about getting stuff done and that threw me off balance. It may be aggravated by the fact that I was sittting in starbucks all day today, and busy places gather energy. 

But none of that matters now because I've managed to sit for 20 minutes and let go of the week. It was interesting because when I was clearing my chakras I had to try something new on the sacral to get it open. I started breathing faster, and sucking my gut in so that it sort of slammed into the sacral chakra. It helps that I've put on a bit of tummy fat, this gave it a stronger smacking and it just opened up and the energy went to the solar plexus. 

Beyond that, what else can I say? When I got to the solar plexus I started feeling anxious and scared. It was related to my life, my job and me worrying about doing a good job. I think this is something that I need to acknowledge and work with, I don't expect the first few months to be easy. 

Last week I felt that I was past the initial learning curve and I expected this week to be easier, and then the level of requirement just got that much higher. Not in a bad way, but it was like the universe is telling me to step it up a bit. I'm also meeting my boss tomorrow to set goals and objectives, which means its time to be reaslistic. 

q mas? had an interesting chat with Fe & Su, they were talking about how having an over-inflated idea of you talent & greatness can lead to a downfall. I am not there, but this new job is showing me all the things that I have yet to learn.  

Just remember to breathe, and buy one of those mood relaxing drinks in the morning!

Please join me below 
Thank you, Regina 


  1. What is a solar plexus? As I was reading this blog, I became more aware of my own anxieties and stresses. And started to breathe deeply and tried to release all the negative energies from my body. You've given me some insight into my inner world.

  2. Hi There, The solar plexus is the energy center (chakra) that is located in your mid-riff area. Its the place where you feel butterflies when you're nervous. Among other things, it acts like a psychic security system that lets you know when something is off, but if its over active it can also worry you needlessly.

    Hope that helps!