Thursday, 26 November 2015

Giving & Receiving with Grace

by Stewart Pearce 
One of the things that really strikes me about the Holiday Season is how we all spend it in different ways. For some, it is still a religious holiday, though more and more it has become an occasion for gift giving and connecting with family. Though some may lament what appears to be an increasingly commercial spin on a religious holiday, giving and receiving gifts can also teach us an important spiritual lesson. 

On a physical level, everything we do consumes some of our personal energy. This includes eating, thinking, working, and even taking time to help others. It's important to to rest and recharge your batteries, especially if you are generous with your time and energy. Helping others also uses up our energy, and many of us do This is when fatigue sets in and we become susceptible to cold and flu bugs (for example). If the energy leak is prolonged we may be stopped in our tracks by a serious illness. By learning to give, receive and rest (giving to ourselves) we look after our physical health. 

On a material level we attract abundance into our life by sharing. When you give with joy and with the knowledge that there is a lot more where that came from, you send a message to the universe that allows you to receive more. The size or price of the gift doesn't matter, what matters is giving without feeling any stinginess or pain (at spending too much). Stingy feelings send the message that we don't have enough to the universe, and that is reflected back to us with a reduced flow of financial and material blessings. So when you give gifts this holiday season, give them with joy and receive them with joy and appreciation. Appreciating gifts also opens up the doors for us to receive even more good. Receiving with grace tells the Universe that we will welcome it's gifts  gladly. We also grow by celebrating the blessings in other people's lives

The card pictured is from Stewart Pearce's Angels of Atlantis deck, one of my favourites for meditation! Stewart teaches at The College of Psychic Studies and tours the world with his workshops (Visit Stewart's website here)

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