Thursday, 24 January 2013

Let go and Let God

Once upon a time, I sent healing to a friend's family. He was worried about issues that his family was facing. They are originally from India though they now live in Chicago. My friend is in London so the distance was also weighing on him, which is why he requested the healing. It's not easy to be far from home when things are not right. During the healing I worked on clearing some of the unhealthy patterns that had been handed down the ancestral line. When it was nearly over I was surprised to sense a very powerful, protective and intimidating energy around them. The energy was letting me know that he/it would take it from there. 

I had never felt anything quite so strong or powerful. My intuition told me it was noble though I was also a bit awed and cautious. I asked for a name and got a one word answer: Ganesh. My first reaction was "I must be crazy" but I went with it. I got a strong feeling that he was looking after them and that I should pass that message on. He also suggested I back off, my healing wasn't needed. Initially I was reluctant to mention Ganesh because I might sound like a complete nutter. Who was I to see and hear him? 

I met my friend for dinner and I finally worked up the courage to mention it over dessert. He was completely shocked.  He had asked Ganesh for help and was feeling hurt because he thought Ganesh had abandoned them. I'm sure this is something we can all relate to; how many times have we asked Godfor help and then resented him for leaving us alone with our problems? I remember hearing sermons about it as a child; though it went in one ear and out the other. Even Jesus asked "Why have you forsaken me?"

The experience taught me three things: 

  • It would make all of our lives a lot easier if we learn to tune into our intuition. Not everyone has a psychic friend who can spot the angel over their shoulder and confirm their presence. Faith can be reassuring, but certainty takes it to a whole other level. You see it, you believe it and that makes you feel better.

  • When we ask for divine help it is best to back off.  Whether its God, a Saint, your favorite Angel or even Jesus, Mary, Ganesh or a goddess (I've glimpsed those too), let them get on with and then wait for a sign on how to proceed. They send us clues but often we're so stressed  we miss it. Let go and Let God. Relax.

  • There is something to polytheism though I can't put my finger on it. I don't know what Ganesh is, a god or a massively powerful spirit, but he's definitely real. He feels stronger and more powerful than the archangels or even Mother Mary. Less human than Jesus as well. This was something else. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina


    1. This is a remarkable story! Thank you so much for posting it. The first thing I thought of was the power of reincarnation. That this man was a very old soul and had carried the weight of previous lives. Back before the "first" organized society in Sumeria, India had an advanced civilization. There is PLENTY of written and physical evidence of flying machines, gods, racial intermixing and all the social drama we live through today. My point here is that myths passed down through ages have a large basis in truth. Seems like you've stumbled on that - congratulations!

      1. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for the comment, that is very encouraging. This happened almost a year ago but I hadn't really processed it until now. Its funny because I started out wanting to write a post about angels and how to ask them for help, and this spilled out instead =)