Monday, June 22, 2015

Archangel Ariel's Fertility Tips

A few weeks ago I met up with friends to give them Angel Readings - homework for my intuition class. The reading for Jenny, one of my pals, was enlightening and with her permission I would like to share it here. The word fertility came to mind before I got there, spelled out in big white blocks not unlike the decorations you'll see in a newborn's room. The theme wasn’t a surprise because I knew she and her husband want kids. However, we didn’t expect Archangel Ariel because she is usually linked to flowers and nature, whereas Archangels Gabriel and Raphael look after moms, children and pregnancies. Archangel Ariel's connection with Mother Earth means she is concerned with children, families & harmony. 

A Cosmic Adoption Process

It’s been said that we choose our parents based on our life purpose and the skills, handicaps or lessons that we are meant to overcome. During the reading, I goethe feeling that ideally harmony and "energy compatibility" will be deciding factors, and that when a soul is ready to be born they are placed in close proximity to potential moms and dads so they can feel their vibes. Our angels and guides shepherd the process (though logically I don't know how this relates to accidental or teenage pregnancies). I got the feeling that Jenny & Hubby were going through this process now and that they just had to be "patient, relaxed and happy" to keep their energy receptive. I also heard the word "conscious baby" but again, not sure what it means ... maybe Crystal/Indigo?

Energy Clearing and Balancing

I tend to sense Archangel Ariel’s energy as silver or pink light. It’s easier for us to sense her when we are sitting in a garden or a park: flowers, vegetation and even bees are part of her allure. Her first suggestion was for Jenny to sit in her garden and just ask for her energy field to be cleared of urban muck. The more stressed, hurried and cloudy our energy is; the less appealing it appears to spirit.

She suggested Jenny surround herself with light pink and orange: flowers, jewelry, crystals, clothing or cushions. The colors we wear leave a temporary imprint on our Aura. Pink has a soft, loving feel whereas a orange is linked with the Sacral Chakra (female reproductive organs and fertility) and a pastel orange would have a softer more appealing vibe and a bright orange. No need to do wall to wall pinks and oranges, just a few details here and there. Ariel also suggested that Jenny drink natural Rose Tea to clear her energy from the inside out, potentially using Reiki or Healing to activate the color healing aspect.

The home environment could also be cleared once a week, to keep the vibes upbeat and happy. Music is great way to do this, play music you like because of the resonance though classical music can also balance and clear the Chakras. Ultimately listen to music the you like as like attracts like. 

Don’t Pick a Name Just Yet!

Names have a resonance and not everyone wants to be Richard or Anne (even if both are lovely names). Archangel Ariel suggested Jenny & Hubby keep their energy open and receptive by waiting until choosing a name. If the first-born is going to be “so and so the third” they may have to wait for “so and so” to appear but otherwise, wait and let your intuition choose the baby’s true name.

Call on Your Joy Guides!

Sleepless nights may be just around the corner. Enjoy yourself, don't stress and let life run it's course. Archangel Ariel suggested that Jenny call on her Joy Guides to add an extra dose of laughter to their lives. We all have Joy Guides, they often look like kids even though they're old souls. If Jenny sensed a child like energy around her it could very well be her Guide - joyful and mischievous. 

Practice Detachment

The most consistent advice was for Jenny to practice the art of detachment. Being highly intuitive, she had already begun to sense new energy around her. Archangel Ariel suggested that she let the process follow it's course and that if this wasn't the "one" another would come along. Sometimes we can block ourselves by focusing too much on the experience we want to create. Ariel's parting advice was for Jenny to enjoy herself, clear herself and stay detached. 

It's worth mentioning that my logical side kicked in at the end and I suggested Jenny follow up with her doctor just to be sure there weren't any physical considerations to address. Readings aren't a substitute for medical care and there will always be other practical and physical elements to consider. 

On a side note, this reading also stood out because I got my first foreign language word. Towards the end of the reading, the message came back to the Cosmic Adoption Process and I got what I took to be a word in Spanish (aclimatizar) that I hardly ever use because I find it hard to pronounce. I mumbled my way through it, only to find out that it’s very close to the German word for the same concept. Jenny and Hubby are both German and intuitively, this "word" was their take on the matter. They were in a “climate testing” stage, getting to know each others energies, etc. The word served as confirmation for them. 


Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Subscribe for an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

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